Focus: 5 hair accessory brands to discover at Who's Next

From January 20 to 22, Who's Next presents its hair fashion selection.

At Who's Next, fashion is lived from head to toe. With a growing trend in hair accessories, clips, barettes and headbands are becoming fashion statements in their own right. Here are 5 hair accessory brands not to be missed at Who's Next.


Matilda, founded by Dani and Paula in Sao Paulo, is a brand dedicated exclusively to head accessories, supporting sustainable fashion and the "slow fashion" philosophy. An artisanal approach to headbands and ultra-feminine colorful pieces.


Fashionable hair pieces - from barrettes to clips, not forgetting scrunchies - born from a holistic vision of hair beauty through accessories that are committed to enhancing your routine. Modern, elegant hair accessories made in France.

Bon Dep

A family-owned company based in Stockholm, Bon Dep has been passionate about accessories for a decade. Rooted in their DNA, their commitment to sustainability translates into an approach focused on the quality and longevity of their products, helping to mitigate the waste of the fashion industry. Guided by the principles of "Good" and "Dep" (good and pretty), the brand evokes an aesthetic that is both elegant and responsible.


Floral and colorful, the brand's headbands have won us over with their originality. Each NamJosh headband is carefully handcrafted by Indian artisans whose expertise in embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation.

Emilie Issart

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