Bijorhca, the jewelry trades in the spotlight with Savoir pour Faire

Discover the jewelry trades at Bijorhca with Savoir pour Faire, from January 20 to 22, 2024. Bijorhca will be showcasing know-how in Hall 4, where some 150 brands and suppliers are expected.

An essential source of information for industry professionals, Bijorhca brings together all the players in the jewelry industry through its partnership with Savoir Pour Faire in a dedicated space at the show.

Savoir Pour Faire

Savoir Pour Faire is an innovative platform dedicated to showcasing the unique expertise of the French fashion and luxury goods industry, offering over 250 training courses covering the entire process, from artisanal gesture to 3D design.

In addition to its role as a trainer, Savoir Pour Faire is a space dedicated to information and networking, helping to energize and strengthen ties within the French fashion and luxury industry.

At Bijorhca, Savoir Pour Faire can be found at the heart of Hall 4 at Porte de Versailles, where visitors will find a wall of classified ads featuring various job offers in the jewelry industry.

Emilie Issart

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