WSN x Ankorstore, bringing together the best of the physical and digital worlds

Ankorstore, the leading European platform for direct sales between brands and independent retailers, and the official partner of WSN, offers you the opportunity to buy and sell online all year round, in addition to physical events.


Are you an exhibitor at WSN’s trade shows and are looking to develop your B2B business online?

Introduce your brand and sell your collections to over 300,000 European retailers. As a complete B2B solution, Ankorstore provides the logistical, financial and technological tools you need to develop your business and convert prospects into loyal customers:

  • Free online store with integration
  • CRM tools
  • Logistics solutions and packaging

Take advantage of unique market conditions:

  • 0% commission on your network
  • Guaranteed payment within 15 days
  • Flexibility on your minimum order requirements as set by Ankorstore

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Are you a buyer at WSN’ trade shows?

Joining Ankorstore allows you to buy collections from ready-to-wear, accessories, beauty and lifestyle brands featured at Who's Next, Bijorhca and Premiere Classe events, with unique purchasing conditions:

  • A minimum purchase of €100
  • Free delivery on your first order with a brand
  • Access to guaranteed professional prices
  • Payment terms allowing you to buy now and pay in up to 60 days.

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Are you planning to open a fashion store? Are you planning to open a business?

The free Ankorstart by Ankorstore program helps passionate entrepreneurs realize their dream of opening a successful physical or online store. A team of 20 experts supports you every step of the way with personalized coaching and access to online resources.  

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Who is Ankorstore?

Founded in 2019, Ankorstore is the leading European marketplace for direct sales between professionals, connecting a community of over 300,000 retailers and 30,000 brands (including homeware, grocery & beverages, beauty & wellness, fashion & accessories, etc.) across nearly 30 countries.

A fully featured digital B2B solution, Ankorstore supports the day-to-day business development of independent retailers.

Ankorstore and the world of fashion in a few figures:

  • Fashion and accessories: Over 10,700 brands representing more than 600,000 products, with a community of over 50,000 retailers who have purchased at least one product from this category.
  • Jewelry: Over 6,700 brands representing 350,000 products, and over 41,000 retailers have purchased at least one product from this category.  
  • Beauty & wellness: Over 16,000 brands representing more than 235,000 products, and over 120,000 retailers have purchased at least one product from this category.

The partnership between WSN and Ankorstore opens up unique opportunities for exhibitors to expand their distributor network and increase their sales. Visitors also benefit from privileged access to numerous fashion brands and advantageous purchasing conditions. The merger between these two players illustrates their commitment and determination to support and energize the fashion and accessories industry, and more broadly, independent retail.