3 things to konw about Gertrude + Gaston

A French outerwear favorite, Gertrude + Gaston offers a perfect balance of cool, style and technicality.

This season you could not miss its retro-futuristic down jackets and their signature orange zippers, both showcased at Fame – Who’s Next’s most creative space – and worn by the event’s hosts and hostesses. Here’s what to know about the brand, a must-have which, after 15 years, is more on point than ever.



The brand, created in 2008 by Romain and Géraldine Teboul, was first named Gertrude. An alias of its founder that set the slightly off-beat tone of its French roots.Eight years later, it embraces its unisex DNA and becomes Gertrude + Gaston. 

It was Géraldine who initiated this direction by picking pieces from my wardrobe, says Romain Teboul. 

A happy coincidence which establishes the brand as one to watch in the early non-gendered fashion landscape. It has now become the 2.0 embodiment of its two founders, figures that everyone can relate to an appropriate.GertrudeGaston1


Gertrude + Gaston is about intuition – the one that nowadays style should not be at the expense of performance, and that it is often in the men’s wardrobe that women find their most comfortable pieces. The fact that it became so trendy is almost a coincidence, says Romain Teboul, amused. Above all, it is driven by the intuition that what makes the strength of a product is its humanity. A warm, welcoming brand, open to its audience, carrying values of collectivity.One these bases are set, Gertrude + Gaston goes by instinct, offering what Romain Teboul defines as a street and minimalist lifestyle. A straight to the point state of mind, combined with a particular attention to always being surrendered by the right people. Our work policy is focused on letting our collaborators express themselves, with openness, exchange and trust. A commitment that has proven to work.Gertrudegaston2


Based in the French town of Aubagne, the brand pursues its development in the south of France, where its knits, outerwear pieces and its famous “+” cap can regularly be seen on influencers, TikTokers or rappers. After its first successful stores in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes and Ajaccio, and a solid presence in more than 250 retail spots, it has recently settled in Lyon and Avignon, and plans on opening new stores in the upcoming years. Maybe even in Paris, where a pop-up already proved to be successful. Meanwhile, it extends its coastal empire of laid-back, colorful pieces, with nothing to envy to the capital of fashion.

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