Meet our crew: Odile

Every Monday, get to know another one of our muses taking part in our communications campaign, #AfricaStreet!

Odile Gautreau

Age, Sex, City:25, chick, Paris.What do you do?Artistic Director, graphic designer, model.What inspires you?The world around me.What’s your favourite part of your job?Conflicting ideas, space for creativity.What are your plans for 2018-19?Get rich or die tryin.Who would you love to collaborate with?Marwa Loud.What does Paris make you think of?Paris rain.Where would we find you on a Saturday night?Chilling watching a film.What is your link to Africa?Just love.Your biggest dream?Get rich or die trying.Your fashion icons?Congolese sapeurs.Your favourite piece of clothing?My American Apparel panties.The song you listen to on repeat?“Pitié” by Tabu Ley Rochereau.What are your three favourite Instagram accounts?@fuckjerry@amours_solitaires@nweworldwide

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