New collective: J'avoue

Born in France, to Congolese parents, Marie-Ghyslaine M’BANZA, grew up in this doubly extraordinarily rich culture.

From an early age, she fell in love with wax, an African fabric with cheerful and colourful patterns, which she discovered mainly through her mother’s traditional outfits and her wardrobe bursting with pagnes, each more beautiful than the last.  As a teenager, she learned sewing techniques and Marie-Ghyslaine, immediately caught up in this creative world, began to customise and then create clothes. This passion never left her again.  After a rich professional career in France and abroad; while continuing to create and be little known, Marie-Ghyslaine decided to let her creativity express itself. She then was trained at Couturier Styliste Modéliste, in order to perfect her skills and in 2017 launched her clothing line of wax fabrics: J’AVOUE. She wants to make J’AVOUE an ethical brand deeply ingrained in her time, focused on humans, beauty and wellbeing.

J’AVOUE produces two collections a year, in limited sets and offers exclusive, original, top quality designs, with modern and neat cuts, with particular attention given to finishes, as well as the choice of fabrics. 

All the production work, from design to tailoring, is done in a traditional way in small Parisian workshops.

In the central aisle of the Porte de Versailles; near Hall 3, through their designs you will discover their unifying, authentic, dynamic and colourful world. Several sales events will take place in this space.

JavoueFW18_By_BenoitBillardHD-31 - Handmade and family-made Tangawiss (fresh ginger juice)Called Tangawiss in Congo Brazzaville; Tangawisi in Congo Kinshasa, Gnamakoudji in the Ivory Coast or Ginja in Cameroon, ginger juice is one of the most widespread natural drinks in mainland Africa. Heavily consumed in Congo Brazzaville; it is found everywhere, in markets, bars and in homes. This drink is refreshing, has many medicinal properties, and has a very nice flavour, more or less sharp depending on the amount of ginger used.Marie Biantsompa is leading a Tangawiss preparation workshop on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 from 10 am to 2 pm, Sunday 9 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and Monday from noon to 2 pm.

2 - Manufacture of paper mâché animals covered in drops of wax.Concerned about its environment, J’AVOUE has a zero waste approach that it puts into effect by using, in the manufacture of accessories and decorative objects, all the scraps of materials and paper created by production.The manufacture of these animals is a good example, because it allows the use of both paper and fabric scraps, however small they may be.Permanentworkshop.

3 - Flower workshopThe manufacture of these flowers is also a good example of their responsible social commitment, since it also allows the use of some fabric scraps.Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Monday 10 from 2:30 pm to 4pm, Sunday 9 September from 3pm to 4pm.

4 - African storiesIn Congo, traditional stories are educational and playful. They thrive on Congolese culture and rely on reality while appealing to the supernatural. They orchestrate a fictional society made up of animals, humans and supernatural beings, behind which human society is hidden. Whether funny, mysterious or even sometimes a bit scary, it stimulates the imagination for the pleasure of the young and old.Saturday 8Septemberfrom 10am to 5pm.

5 - Braided hairdressing demonstration: African plaitThe African plait is one of the oldest hairstyles in the world. It finds its roots in prehistory and has been preserved throughout history until now. Very popular today, plaits can be real creations.Permanentworkshop.JavoueFW18_By_BenoitBillardHD-6 (1)

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