The Afro Fashion Show is an innovative work of art directed by the artist Mike Sylla, which comes to life at Who’s Next with original choreography and musical influences.

With artists including models, dancers, actors, slammers and musicians, this is a revival of African culture and its Diaspora.

The performers will wear Mike Sylla’s Baïfall Dream Collection (25 years in the making). The outfits are designed as mobile pieces that give a feeling of moving street-art. Mike Sylla’s genius in the art of shaping leather and suede, coupled with his innovative and creative style, charm the world with different trends and universal influences.

Mike Sylla shares an avant-garde view with a lively production honouring an all-embracing culture open to sharing knowledge and arts of the world’s cultures. Performances from versatile artists will bring a party atmosphere to the Afro Fashion Show.

Sunday at 18:30pm on the outdoor stage.


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