Meet Mermaid Express

To sell their marvellous pieces all around the world, they create ephemeral spaces at events to which they are invited, or that they organise themselves.

Mermaid Express is a glittery, gypsy mobile thrift shop.

They began to impress people with their sequins and their fake jewellery in 2016. Since then, they have worked with many collectives in Paris and elsewhere and their pieces are worn by the coolest girls in the country.

They will shortly be releasing an online sales service for those who cannot make it to their sales.

The next step is the purchasing and fitting out of a truck, which will serve as a shop to travel around France and Europe.

Meet them at the Porte de Versailles near Hall 3!image_6483441 (1)

 What do you do in life?

We run Mermaid Express, our project was born in 2016 from our almost romantic encounter with the idea: selling our marvellous pieces found all over the world. To dazzle the planet with our sequins and our fake jewellery, we create ephemeral spaces at events to which we are invited or that we organise ourselves. Quickly, with contact with many collectives with whom we worked in Paris or elsewhere, the project has grown and in addition to dressing the coolest girls in the country, in 2017 we started launching all types of events, from pop up restaurants to mini raves, introducing our endless gypsy and glittery world.

What is your background?

Our background is disjointed, after having explored a number of paths, we eventually both came to the same conclusion before having met each other: working for other people was not possible, we needed to be entrepreneurs. Our meeting made this desire definite. Albane had the idea of a mobile shop and Nissa had already opened her thrift shop, and it was by combining the two that Mermaid Express was born.

What do you prefer about your job?

Working together, and that each day and each project is different from the day before.

What is your vision for Africa Street?

We are a mixed generation, more or less all of us are from African immigration. Africa Street is the mix which comes from our days in the streets, our wardrobes, our influences. It is the art of mixing our origins with modern street rules.

What are your inspirations?

Femininity in a broad sense, we are also inspired by the 80s and 90s, from our travels and the amazing people that we meet along the way.

What is your favourite place in Paris?

Somewhere with flowers or plants, like the ‘Coulée Verte’ for example, or even the ‘Serres d’Auteuil’ or the Floral Park.

Do you want future collaborations?

We don’t have a particular desire to collaborate with well known brands, we tend to turn towards people around us, and we love them all the more because they are not lacking in talent!

What is the last thing you added to your wardrobe?

Nissa found a great red and white jacket and trousers outfit that makes her look like a really appetising packet of popcorn. Albane’s latest favourite is a glamorous, pink mini top with pink feathers on the collar.

What are your three favourite Instagram accounts?

@paradiso_ibiza:our dream hotel @amours_solitaires:our great friend Morgane Ortin’s project, of which we are very proud @_deuxpointzero:a pretty account with pretty tattoos23737759_1481509438615109_1694142035962312243_o

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