In the mood for food

Whether it’s between meetings, after a rollercoaster ride or before the party go visit the food section that can’t disappoint you with its tasty range of options.

Here are the chefs that’ll please you:

Outdoor Food trucks


ThaïminFresh and savoury Street Thaï Food

A barbecue the french way for the ones with a big appetite

Let's go toItaly…

acqua et olio

Aqua & Olio, burrata & foccacia to go Hall 5

Aperitivo, the neapolitan pizza Hall 6

...or to the USA,

Go Jonnhy Go, delicious burgers to go Hall 5

...or even further to Japan !

Japan Daily with its diverse range of sushis

Bakery or healthy salads


Paul (hall 5 and 6)


Craving for freshly grounded coffee or comforting green tea ? 

TripBike Café will be roaming the alleys of the tradeshow and in Hall 5 and Hall 6.

The “must try” selection :


Stay hydrated with this positive impact mineral natural mountain water. For 5 years, the water is naturally filtered through the rocks then collected at an altitude of 1332 m in Haute-Arièges in the Pyrenees chains. Eau Neuve innovates with its 100% eco-responsible, biosourced and recycled packaging.JUSDELAMAMMALe Jus de MAMA, tasty and 100% made of natural ingredients. These juices will make you travel down memory lane to when your mother used to prepare fresh juices for you. Enjoy the delicious drinks on the outdoor







Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is a refreshing alcohol and sparkling water based drink with a hint of natural flavors. A taste that’ll keep you dancing all night :) , in Hall 6



Capture d’écran 2021-08-26 à 10.34.39xxxxxxLe Beau Théwhen food meets design, a range of healthy and refined products see the day. Beau thé ‘s infusions and teas are as beautiful as tasteful. Have a sip of their savory tea in Hall 5.alcoool1


xAlcoool, is the remedy to cure your hangover to drink before or during your parties. Thanks to its cocktail with a base of Nashi Pear, Barbarie figs, Chardon Marie , Curcuma and vitamins B & C, this detox drink will appease your difficult mornings.

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