The Japanese company LaforetHarajuku Co.,Ltd located in the Harajuku area of Tokyo is about celebrate its 40th birthday in 2018.

The internationally renowned department store, owned by the Mori Building Group is developing the Japanese teenage style trend based on ‘kawaii’, ‘Lolita’, ‘street’, ‘grunge’ and ‘gothic’ styles.

In honour of the occasion, Laforet will exclusively collaborate with the September 2017 Who’s Next & Premiere Classe trade shows to present the Spring-Summer 2018 collections designed by young Japanese talent exhibit. This will be the first time the about 21 Japanese designers coming to Paris to the dedicated Laforet area will be exhibiting in Europe.

The Laforet stand, located in Hall3, is being designed by KuRuko Inc, who are creating a lifestyle and events area where performances will be held by the brands and their brand ambassadors over the four days of the trade shows.

In addition, Laforet and Who’s Next & Premiere Classe envisage a channel through which to reach the general public, with the Autumn-Winter 2017-18 collections by Japanese designers being sold in a 30m2 space at L’Exceptionduring a pop-up shop from the 23th September to the 3rd October 2017.

Who’s Next & Premiere Classe have collaborated with Laforet since 2016. Last year, the select shop welcomed young designers to take part in the upcycling project, RECREATE.

List of brands by trend :

BabyHARAJUKU KAWAIIAngelic PrettyonInstagramFacebookandTwitter.Baby, the stars shine brightonInstagramFacebookandTwitter.Alice and the piratesNile PerchonInstagramFacebookand TwitterAHARAJUKU STREETHARAJUKU STREETH>fractalonInstagramFacebookandTwitterRoseMarie SeoironInstagramFacebookandTwitterHareonInstagramFacebookandTwitterXLarge®onInstagramFacebookandTwitterBCREATORCREATORWallonInstagramFacebookandTwitterJane MarpleonInstagramandTwitterCLADYS YOUNG CASUALLADIES YOUNG CASUALE hyphen world galery BonBononInstagramFacebookandTwitterMajestic LegononInstagramFacebookandTwitterBatty garage by aymmysonInstagramFacebookandTwitterAnk RougeonInstagramFacebookandTwitterJouetieonInstagramFacebookandTwitterX-Girl onInstagramFacebookandTwitterLADIES MIDDLE CASUALLADIES MIDDLE CASUALGelato PiqueonInstagramFacebookandTwitterFur FuronInstagramFacebookandTwitterEFASHION GOODSFASHION GOODSHoney SalononInstagramFacebookandTwitterKaori No MorionInstagramFacebookandTwitterCiaraonInstagramKeora KeoraonInstagramFacebookandTwitterfeastonInstagramandTwitter

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