On The Road Again

Under the beating sun of the Colorado desert, hair blowing in the wind at the wheel of a 1970's Dodge. A highway stretches outahead of us, lined with motels and people waiting to meet us.

To those who love to dance the night away, there’s no need to worry. Here, partying is a synonym for communion, where bodies are liberated for spiritual well-being.In this oasis, between the cacti and inhabited rocks, anything is possible. This vast wilderness is the place where you can lose yourself to find yourself.Fashion and creativity are evolving, powerful, exhilarating. Like the landscapes of the road that change with the seasons, like our emotions.For this edition, Who’s Next offers a breath of fresh air, a return to its roots where everything began. A unique experience that serves creative intuition and inspiration, art and evolution. From Los Angeles to Austin, from the Rocky Mountains to the lakes of Vermont, we invite you to dare to roam, tempt bewilderment and risk discovery. Come and live in the moment, celebrate the here and now, the power of the present moment. Make no mistake, this isn’t simply about taming our spirits - it’s about igniting them: a true ballad to the rich promises of the unknown. It’s about finding solutions, too, because the future lies in our hands! Campaign by Juliet Casella @julietcasella

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