Meet our crew: Fatou

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Fatou Kaba

Age, Sex, City:29, female, ParisWhat do you do?Production Coordinator: I handle the logistics of video clips, adverts and corporate films.What are your inspirations?The people around me, the street...How would you define your look?Mostly casual. I like to mix modern pieces with vintage pieces.What’s your favourite part of your job?Meeting people.What are your plans for 2018-2019?Travel and get an apartmentWho would you love to collaborate with?Jenke Ahmed Tailly: I’m a big fan of his work, his style, I could go on.What does Paris make you think of?Freedom.Where would we find you on a Saturday night?At mine or in the centre of Paris.I go out much more during the week than at the weekend.What is your link to Africa?The land of my ancestors… I have Senegalese and Guinean origins.Your biggest dream?To walk on the moon.Your fashion icons?Solange Knowles, Princess Diana, Miriam Makeba, Jessica Alba. And the 90s.Your favourite piece of clothing?One of my Dad’s blazers.The song you listen to on repeat?« Let it snow » by Boyz II Men feat Brian McknightWhat are your three favourite Instagram accounts?@Somewheremagazine, @Maria_bernad, @c__l__oWhat would you do with 24 hours without having to work?Chill out maximum: get a massage, go to a museum / the cinema… Take some time for myself.

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