The outdoor area celebrates creativity!

Who’s Next & Premiere Classe have teamed up with well-loved performers to celebrate the creative artists among them.

Artistic performances, afro dance, an exhibition of promising young artists and the discovery of local know-how, find the schedule for Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th September 

Friday 7th September ATELIER MERAKI x ARTS DESIGN AFRICA Atelier Meraki and the Arts Design Africa gallery wanted to recreate the Poto-Poto atmosphere with an exhibition, artistic performances and workshops.  Here is the schedule: Musical line up of the day, by Deejay Nodjock -Live painting performance by artist Joe Okitawonya - 10am-12pm -Live making of a bomber jacket in Bogolan (traditional African fabric) by stylist & designer Goïta - All day -Customisation of eco-friendly furniture by artist Waxland - 1-2pm -Live Sculpting by artist Thérèse Ngalula - 1-5pm -Customisation of clothing by artist Balyc Shako (Musical support from DJ Lord) - 4-5pm -Live painting by artists Fred Ebami & Doline - 5-6pm Discover exhibitions from: Mounou Désiré Koffi, Joe Okitawonya, Fred Ebami, Design By Do, Gabriel Dia

Saturday 9th September Nafoore, founder of the Zeu P collective joins his community to offer a day full of music, dance and creativity: -Africa Street photoshoot and styling by artist Black Kahlo - 10am-2pm -Africa Street hairstyling workshop by Rhéma - 12-2pm -Customisation of vintage clothing workshop by the Natoushop collective - 1:15-2:15pm -Afro dance workshop by dancer Léandre Talba - 2:30-4pm -Singing, dance and poetry performance by composer Dani Buma - 4:15-4:45pm
zeu p

Sunday 10th September Favourites at Who’s Next!-Storytelling by Zola Massela - 11am-12pm -Body painting and dance performance by Design By Do - 2-3:30pm -Beatbox show - 4-4:30pm Meet Scratchy, Le Svendro, MC Leu, Andro, Kaipy, Julieta, The Brain
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