The Finalists of the 2018 Festival de Dinan

For the 2018 edition of Dinan International Festival of young fashion designers, 12 designers presented their latest collection in three categories: Man – Woman – Lingerie.

As part of our partnership with the Festival and our continued engagement with tomorrow’s young designers, the Who’s Next trade show offers visibility to the prize winners of the Menswear and Womenswear categories.

Therefore, from 7th to 10th September at Porte de Versailles, German designer Dario Briegmann, and Korean duo Yoo Hosik & SooHyun Park will present their latest collections to our 48 000 visitors.

FOCUS – The final winners:

Defile_theatre_Stylinco_92Dario Briegmann, winner of the Womenswear category

At barely 21 years, Dario Briegmann, who is still a student at the prestigious ESMOD fashion school, showcased a feminine collection featuring technical designs and reflective materials. He emphasises his style with cuts that follow couture and sportswear codes.


Cognaq, winners of the Menswear category

With military inspiration adapted into their collection, it was Yoo Hosik & SooHyun Park, two Korean designers from the brand Cognaq who won the prize for the Menswear category at the Festival de Dinan. Their upcycled pieces won the hearts of the jury. Their pieces were created from carpet and rugs inlaid with lace.

Find them on Instagram (Dario Briegmann, Cognaq by Yoo Hosik & SooHyun Park) and explore their collections at the Who’s Next trade show!

Read more about the Who's Next young designers here.

And all the collectives:Atelier Meraki,J’avoueandUlule.

Without forgettingthe young designers of Who’s Next Fame!

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