Paris-Texas: 2 unmissable nights

You do not want tomiss these wild Texan and Californian nights out, the perfect pit-stop on your Paris-Texas roadtrip!

Come and join us at the Hall 2.2 outdoor stage.


BEIGE DJ SET (7:30pm-11:00pm)The musical adventure began as a duet alongside Johnson De Christensen in Nice, her hometown. Now a solo artist, he lives in Paris creating music that is both epic and mental, but above all exciting.Beige 2LAS AVES LIVE PERFORMANCE(8:30pm)Passionate like you’ve never seen them before, Las Aves pop are back and crazier than The Dodoz (their former punk and furax group that made them famous, after a tour of France and releasing two albums)and will leave you speechless. The four-member band send you to the moon with their perfect combination of: synthetic music, psychedelic background music and hard rock.Las Aves


ECRAN TOTAL x LE MELLOTRON DJ SET (7:30pm-11:00pm)DJ ECRAN TOTAL DJ setlera_metropolitan

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