Feminalink & Who's Next - 12/9/2017

Who’s Next is collaborating with Feminalink, an app to link up female professionals at an event with conferences and workshops all based on the question “How to transform your influence into a business?”

Save the date: 9th December!

This event targets women between 25 and 45 years old who are working or have an ambition to launch their own brand, and who want to be inspired by the best entrepreneurial examples in fashion, as well as take the opportunity to network. With (among others):Noélie Balez /Pampa Paris,Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion, Perrine Bonafos /Les Confettis, Ingrid Brochard /Panoply, Marion Caillaud /Prescription Lab, Stéphanie Delpon /Pictoresq, Pauline d'Hueppe Haranger /ElsaMuse, Camille Farrugia /HolyCamille, Cassandra /La Bande en Sneakers, Juliette Katz /Coucou les Girls, Marie Ouvrard /Encore Magazine, Alice Pfeiffer /Antidote MagazineFiona Schmidt... programme feminalinkInstagram

Sign up here and to theFacebookeventand take a look at the dedicated website.

Come along Saturday 9 December to meet some inspiring and passionate women!

Saturday 9 December from 9:30am to 6pm, 58bis Chaussée d'Antin 75009 Paris. Entry is €20 for a half day or €30 for the full day. 

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