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Leandre Tamba

Age, Sex, City:31, male, Creil.What do you do?I’m a professional dancer.What inspires you?In dance, my inspirations are Tony Tzar / Amari Marshall / Sean Bankhead. In fashion, I’m inspired by Nafoore, a designer who owns a thrift storeFripiz,and an Instagram account Zeu P, with a black neo-Dandy style. He’s a real inspiration, one of the best in Paris, for me.How would you define your look?I would define my style in the same way. Essentially, I’m very “Black Dandy”, but since I’ve been living my passion for dance, I’ve becoming more “street” again. I try to keep my style to certain patterns and colours in order to maintain some harmony.What’s your favourite part of your job?In my job as a dancer, I prefer being on stage, in video clips, travelling and communicating my passion through the classes I teach.What are you plans for 2018-2019?Improve my visibility, release more videos of my work, give more classes in Paris. I would really love it if I was asked to give workshops by people in other cities or countries.What does Paris make you think of?Paris makes me think of fashion, opportunities… It’s a lively city and full of resources that I love greatly. I wouldn’t leave for anything in the world. I owe it everything that I’ve built up until now.What is your link to Africa?Unfortunately, not a lot. I left Senegal, my country, at the age of eight. Now that I have two children, I have to show them their origins. Therefore, I plan to go back with them and learn more about my country and my roots.Your biggest dream?To travel as much as possible for my job, and to dance and live in Los Angeles.Your fashion icons?Yves Saint Laurent, his class and his legendary looks.Your favourite piece of clothing?Headgear! No matter how I dress, I always have something on my head: beanie, baseball cap, hat...Your favourite artist?Missy Elliot or Busta Rhymes.

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