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Discover the list of the food and drinks on Who's Next

Outside area


Africa street food market by La cantine du marché

An alternative and friendly collective getting together especially for Who’s Next & Premiere Classe, proving the best street-food with African influencesWith

BMK - Paris Bamako (take away)

Popular and authentic African dishes (Mafé, Yassa, Thieb…)

Rice Trotters (take away)

Big and small dishes, sweet or savoury, coming from here and there, made from the best varieties of rice (colourful, fragrant, sticky…) in all different forms (grain, flour, noodles…)

The Beast (take away)

First traditional smokehouse in France that cooks meat over a fire for 15 hours for a unique taste

Other outdoor restaurants 

A bicyclette (take away)

Mobile canteen with a salad bar

Hall 2.2 / Who’s Next - Fame

 les petites francaises copieLes Petites Françaises (take away)

Handmade, gourmet and edible cups, made in France

Palais Royal (table service and take away)

The flavours and refinement of French cuisine

Hall 3 / Premiere Classe

atelier fratelliAtelier Fratelli (take away)

Homemade Italian pizza & focaccia

Biotiful lunch (take away)

The first organic and wholesome caterer offering salads and healthy sandwiches

Côté sushi (take away)

Sushi and fusion cuisine, combining Japanese and Peruvian flavours

Sarra (take away)

Healthy and gourmet food made with buckwheat

Hall 4 / Who’s Next

banoiBanoï (take away)

Vietnamese cuisine specialising in spring rolls

Jonjon's Coconuts (take away)

Enjoy a fresh coconut straight from Thailand duringthe hustle and bustle of the trade show.

Nykos (take away)

Greek street food


Café Royal(H3760273070021all 2.2 (near stand C68) / Hall 3 (near stand A111) / Hall 4 (near stand V127))

Treat yourself to a coffee to start your day! Every day from 8.30am to 11.30am

Panamako (outdoor)

Enjoy this bissap, African hibiscus and Touraine apple juice drink, to discover a tangy sweetness that is both colourful and thirst-quenching! Everyday from 12pm - 5pm at the outdoor bar

Oh My Tea (Hall 3 - Villa Beauté)

Each blend has their own story, origin, scent, flavour and defining properties. At Oh My Tea ! there is something for everyone: natural, perfumed, organic, non-organic, light, full-bodied, and for every occasion too: from little evening treats, to hazy mornings after a big night out.

Another Tree (Hall 4 - Collectif Ulule)

A great feel-good, energising detox infusion - made from 100% dried, natural Moringa leaves from Cambodia.

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