Ready-to-Wear Brands New Arrivals

On the horizon of the upcoming Who's Next trade show, held from the 8th to the 10th of September, we are delighted to present an exceptional selection of newly entering ready-to-wear brands. These designers, hailing from all corners of the globe, bring a unique and visionary vision to the contemporary creative landscape, blending refined aesthetics with strong sustainable commitments.

Through their collections, these brands celebrate artisanal heritage and cultural traditions, while showcasing innovative, responsible, and transformative practices for our industries. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and sophistication, where every piece tells a story and enhances your wardrobe with poetry, audacity, and elegance. Discover these treasures of international fashion and let yourself be inspired by their diversity and excellence.


BOBO PARIS combines bohemian-chic aesthetics and eco-sustainable design to offer a poetic and urban wardrobe. From Paris to Casablanca, their conceptual prints, a signature of the house, are featured on shirts and evening dresses through clean lines and a palette of soft and expressive hues. Each unique piece is the result of a thorough upcycling process, utilising dormant stocks from the greatest couture maisons. BOBO Paris’s ready-to-wear appeals to sophisticated spirits, accompanying you through the Parisian hustle with lyricism and elegance.


SIXXTA, a Colombian ready-to-wear brand, creates a wardrobe that celebrates female empowerment. Inspired by ethnic arts and the natural beauty of Colombia, their collections project strength and self-confidence through bold and contemporary cuts. From a dress with voluminous sleeves to the flowing lines of a tailored suit, their conceptual patterns with exotic and expressive shades compliment the SIXXTA silhouette, transcending every body with ease and pride.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, CACAY celebrates Latin and Brazilian cultural legacy through an exotic and modern wardrobe. Their women's ready-to-wear creations combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary shapes in an organic palette of colours, a true ode to the country's lush nature. Extended-lines tunics and short ensembles pay tribute to the diversity of bodies’ curves, destined for solar and adventurous spirits.


ARCHAN JAJU embodies the eclectic richness of Indian craftsmanship through local collaborations. Their enchanting and exclusive pieces, such as saris and dupattas, are unique combinations of traditional artisanal techniques, showcasing distinctive meticulous details. Expressing and celebrating the cultural heritage of the country, their indigenous creations blend comfort and quality with a sustainable approach. Each piece captures the oriental essence with a contemporary spirit, a subtle and organic ode to the refined details of the Indian wardrobe, aimed at the most intrepid fashion travellers.


AMITA GUPTA offers anti-fit silhouettes and loose, unstructured cuts, displaying a relaxed fashion style with organic lines and a soft, pastel colour palette. Inspired by nature, their creations stand out with ethnic patterns and artworks drawn on the back, brought to life by the body's movements. The brand's conceptual style pays homage to simplicity and the joy of living through a wardrobe that prioritises comfort without compromising on elegance. AMITA GUPTA pieces appeal to individuals seeking freedom and fluidity in their attire, reflecting harmony between nature and sophistication.


TOLATOLI PARIS fuses Parisian chic with Indian influences to create timeless, ethical, and eco-sustainable ready-to-wear pieces. Known for its urban and sophisticated aesthetic, the brand emphasises love, compassion, and community, asserting that fashion is ultimately about the people who wear it. Using ethically sourced vintage materials, their creations celebrate cultural craftsmanship through colourful ensembles, ethnic embroideries, and innovative geometric and conceptual patterns. Each piece is a vibrant celebration of street culture and craftsmanship, designed for modern and committed spirits.


BLANCA emerges from the union of Turkey and Spain’s creative legacy to offer slow and sustainable apparel for all genders. Their philosophy of comfort and freedom of movement is embodied in a versatile, elegant wardrobe that transitions from day to night. Paying tribute to the energy and gifts of Mother Nature, BLANCA reveals the divine feminine power through carefully crafted lines. The brand supports the employment of talented women and local community development, celebrating Anatolian craftsmanship with a timeless and modern ready-to-wear wardrobe. The BLANCA aesthetic celebrates the power of the mind sand honours the sacred rituals of simplicity in life.

Yann Jobard

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