​​Versatile Intimate Apparel - From Day to Night, Enhancing your Everyday Life

Lingerie continually evolves with each season, bringing a new wave of versatility to our wardrobes. Each piece becomes transformable, fostering a blend of style and comfort with multiple functions. Our designers push the boundaries of athleisure and lingerie, crafting modular designs that seamlessly accompany women throughout their daily lives.

Whether for a romantic dinner, a day at the beach, or a sophisticated soirée, our selection of lingerie and swimwear embodies elegance and practicality. Dive into the world of these innovative brands redefining underwear standards with convertible and elegant creations, perfect for enhancing every moment of your life. Discover them from the 8th to 10th of September during Curve Paris x Who’s Next upcoming Trade Shows.

VALNUE - Exposed

VALNUE offers light, luxurious, and sophisticated lingerie. Its aesthetic signature draws inspiration from the natural world, notably embodied in the timeless symbol of the dragonfly, a recurring embroidery in its creations. VALNUE celebrates the unique beauty of feminine curves through elegant and adaptable pieces. A versatile set, a sumptuous night gown that effortlessly transitions from the intimacy of a romantic dinner to the excitement of a Parisian evening with confidence and character.


NOT JUST PAJAMA reinterprets nightwear with elegant and sensual sleepwear pieces designed sustainably. Originating from London, this brand illuminates individuality through modular and customizable pieces with conceptual patterns. Their night ensembles cater to all silhouettes, ensuring comfort and softness throughout your daily routines. NOT JUST PAJAMA invites you to craft your unique story. From summer strolls in Hyde Park to sophisticated evenings on Chelsea rooftops, mix, match, and reinvent your nighttime wardrobe.

LAUNIL - Exposed

LAUNIL is a versatile loungewear brand based in Lithuania. Their elegantly minimalistic creations aspire to redefine the comfort and sensuality of nighttime pieces as staples in your wardrobe. From day to night, each ensemble is ready for a countryside day or an evening by the Baltic Sea coast. A shirt becomes a sarong, beach pants transform into a fluid and sophisticated evening suit. LAUNIL creates a durable wardrobe with multiple functions for adventurous and creative spirits.

AKIMBA - Curve Paris x Who's Next

AKIMBA, founded in Monaco, reinvents lingerie with timeless and sustainable "second-skin" pieces, enhancing every curve with confidence and flair. Their creations and luxurious materials reveal the unique essence of femininity in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A versatile collection combining elegance and practicality to make you live each day with boldness and confidence. The iconic "Fresh Bra" (patent pending) adapts to your desires: from the discretion of a tailored blazer to the lightness of a summer dress, AKIMBA skinwear pieces transcend your comfort and enlighten your personality.


MAIO PARIS embodies French seaside elegance. This swimwear house creates refined bikinis and swimwear accessories blending chic-relaxed and sophisticated styles for urban life and summer getaways. MAIO PARIS combines flowing lines and organic hues, blurring boundaries to offer a selection with countless variations and functionalities. A modular bodysuit transitions effortlessly from galas to cabarets with the addition of tapered pants or the formality of a smoking jacket.

THE KOOZY - Exposed

THE KOOZY are unique in showcasing a new generation of activewear clothing, combining natural, skin-friendly fabrics in a unique body-silhouette design. The brand minimizes synthetic exposure to a minimum of 95% natural certified materials in their composition and use skin-friendly fabric treatments, which have proven skin-friendly benefits.

Yann Jobard

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