35 years of accessories with Giuseppe Grevi

In 1989, Premiere Classe started out in Paris with the ambition of making a name for itself in the world of accessories. To celebrate this longevity, we asked 3 brands from the early days to share their memories with us.

Second guest: the director and artistic director of the Grevi hat company.

Do you remember when you first took part in Premiere Classe?

Absolutely! I think it was in 1995/1996. I remember a magical atmosphere right from the start, with exhibitors and buyers from all over the world.

There were around a hundred exhibitors. The tent exuded creativity, elegance and a sense of being among the best in the world, because the atmosphere was both cosmopolitan and selective. We were all young exhibitors, buyers, collaborators...

Do you have any special memories of these years?

Our customers certainly gave us the greatest thrills. All the best boutiques in the world passed through and still pass through Premiere Classe.

I especially remember a huge order written in 5 minutes with an American customer. On another occasion, we wrote 230 orders in four days and generated 70% of our annual sales at the show.

Premiere Classe opened up some great opportunities. We knew that with THE right collection, we could make money and change our lives - it was crazy!

I also remember wonderful parties - especially the one on the bateau mouche, friendships with people from all over the world and close ties with the team and organizers, to whom, at the end of the show, we went to say goodbye with tears in our eyes. For four days, we were one big family.

What does Premiere Classe mean to you?

For Grevi, Premiere Classe was the launch pad for our international clientele. What an opportunity!

Today, we still have an excellent relationship with the organizers and the team who have been there from the start.

Céline Vautard

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