Interview with artistic jewellery designer Giulia Iosco

Italian designer Giulia Iosco first joined Bijorhca in January.

From her studio in the heart of Rome, Giulia Iosco creates unique jewellery that fuses sculptural technique and the alchemy of pigments to create innovative and wearable art concepts. A fashion designer at Valentino,  her love of art and drawing has been cultivated from an early age, perfecting her skills at the Academy of Art Fashion Costume in Rome while exhibiting her works of art around the world. Her jewellery mixes playful materials with organic shapes. Meet this multi-faceted artist.

Your brand in 3 words?


Artistic, sophisticated, and emotional.


How’s your fair going?


It's an incredible show. I've had some wonderful encounters, not just with buyers but also with other designers and other brands.


Have you met any interesting people?


Yes, I've met some very inspiring jewellery designers. It's great for making connections.

 What was behind your decision to attend Bijorhca this year?


To create new international business opportunities, to connect with new people and also to share emotions with my creations. At this show, in such a historic venue, I wanted to focus  as much as possible on the meaning of my jewellery. I was able to show my jewellery to a lot of people and explain what I want to convey in my pieces, which are very artistic and appeal to the senses. They're not just beautiful to look at, they have a meaning that you can feel when you wear them. I made one collection inspired by an eclipse and another by a cage.


What key trends have you incorporated into your designs this season?


I never consider specific trends I think trends come when you can create an emotion with someone – that’s what trends are. I need to make designs that speak to me; all my pieces are like amulets, or wearable works of art. Each collection can be a trend because it's a real state of mind.


What challenges are brands currently facing?


Im currently trying to get more visibility for my jewellery - that's the first challenge I'm facing. I'm trying to work out where and how I can exhibit my very artistic creations, but also those that are more affordable.


What advice would you give to a brand exhibiting for the first time?


My advice is to understand exactly what kind of brand you are, be strong and follow your intuition. You have to be stand out from the others.

Emilie Issart

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