Started from the bottom now we here: CHQ, a Bijorhca icon and a shine-bright success story

When it comes to stones, pearls or diamonds, German company CHQ is a must, one of Europe’s largest suppliers – and also a jewelry maker.

At the heart of Bijorhca, its booth, ran by David Nikzad, is a shining platform for the finest stones and pieces of jewelry, skillfully displayed alongside Afghan tourmalines that are showcased for the first time this season.

From pearl to stone

It all started in China. In 2001, Qiang Chen, founder of CHQ, chose to pursue the family tradition by producing, like his parents before him, natural freshwater pearls. Starting from China, he quickly spreads to Tahiti and to the Southern seas. Nine years later, he pushes the family boundaries by expanding his business to stones, for which he feels an increasing demand. A solid commitment to exceptional products of flawless quality builds on his reputation.CHQ 1

A worldwide family business

The story continues and expands in his Chinese factory, where pieces are now made from the most delicate stones of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong or Afghanistan. There again, a family is involved: the one of David Nikzad, who joined CHQ in 2015. Doors opened to the mines of Afghanistan, where sapphires, rubies, lapis lazuli, emeralds or tourmalines are sourced. These raw stones are then skillfully faceted in Germany and sold to CHQ’s loyal – and discreet – clients around the world.

The key moments

2000: Germany switches from Mark to Euro, a major change for the Dusseldorf based company that sees its sales jump.2003: CHQ presents its pieces on Bijorhca for the first time. Twenty years later, the tradeshow remains a must along its trajectory."It is here that I come to meet or loyal French customers, says David Nikzad. Unlike others who place their orders remotely, they come and buy on site. It is pleasant to be able to speak directly and to strengthen our relationships – it also allows me to come to Paris, where I lived for several years during my childhood and which still holds a special place in my heart."2010: Two years after the 2008 crisis, a new boost leads CHQ to take on a new challenge and launch a stones business. In barely a few years, the company becomes one of the most important references in this field.CHQ 2

David Nikzad’s anecdote

"A few years ago on Bijorhca, a new salesman sold a customer a sapphire worth 30 000 euros. He got mixed up and forgot a zero on the invoice – the client paid 3 000 euros and left with the stone. We were lucky to realize the mistake in time, he eventually came back and accepted to pay the difference. This shows how important it is to maintain good relationships with partners of trust !"

A success story of boldness, intuition, and solid collaborations. CHQ is present each season at Bijorhca, the raw materials and finished products event that gathers the jewelry industry professionals.