Neonyt Paris
Dates 08-10 September 2024 18-20 January 2025
Location Paris, Porte de Versailles

Neonyt Paris in a few words

Textile vision Traceable Sustainable apply chains Certificates Fashion style Curated

Over the last two decades since its launch, Neonyt has developed into Europe’s most important B2B order and community platform for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Neonyt present professionally responsible brands with broad textile horizons to international buyers, and open up and serve new markets from France alongside the existing location in Düsseldorf. So that buyers can always be absolutely sure that all brands are curated in a sustainable and fashionable way. Because that is what characterises the DNA of Neonyt.

Fashion Re:Gen: Redefining Sustainability with Next-Gen Fashion.

The fashion industry has reached a turning point, where sustainability is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Re:Gen represents a new era in fashion, where cutting-edge materials create innovative, kind and sustainable solutions which keep human and non-human animals and the environment in mind in a holistic way. The theme explores how next-gen materials can be used in fashion to reduce waste and pollution while promoting positive social and environmental impacts.

Re:Gen also focuses on the potential for next-gen materials to support regenerative agriculture and circular design practices, promoting biodiversity and supporting healthy ecosystems. The theme highlights how the use of regenerative practices as well as next-gen materials can create a fashion industry that is just, ethical, and sustainable.

The Re:Gen theme is an invitation to fashion brands, designers, and innovators to explore the latest possibilities in next-gen fashion, and to showcase how next-gen materials can be used to create products that support the health and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet. It is an opportunity to embrace a more sustainable and equitable future for fashion, and to work together towards a world where fashion truly sustains and regenerates the world around us.

They came on Neonyt Paris

Exhibitors of Neonyt in January 2020 in Berlin

Bleed Clothing - Dedicated - ECOALF - Jan'n June - Komodo - LANA - Langer Chen - LANIUS GmbH - Les Racines du Ciel - MUD Jeans - N'go Shoes - ORGANICATION - People Tree - Recolution - SKFK - SUITE 13 - Ten Points - Wunderwerk