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As we do every season, WHO’S NEXT - FAME presents the key trends for summer 2020. A true oasis of femininity and creativity in the Texan desert…

A fashion oasis in the desert


Chloé Stora_J5A0826retouche

Chloé Stora’s apparel lives in harmony with the woman who wears it. Each piece imagined in her Parisian studio ensures an uncompromising allure. Leading themes of the collections: minimalist lines and vibrant prints, the promise of a game of codes and infinite freedom of style. The Chloé Stora silhouette is not set in stone, it is built spontaneously, following the whims of a mood or the impulse of a love at first sight.


In the workshop, there is the splendour of palm leaves, travel diaries, handmade ethnic patchwork designs. Natural elegance with masculine confidence, and the androgynous femininity that DIEGA brings to life. A DIEGA woman is above all stylish, full of energy and life day and night, always spontaneous. Strong, original and always busy; style marked with an understated flare.

Leon & Harper

Leon & Harper creates fashion that is stylish yet comfortable, designed for free movement and subtle seduction. Fashion that is not elitist, bringing out the best in you: the authentic. 'The better you dream it, the bigger you do it'. Because fantasy is not the opposite of reality. On the contrary, fantasy is the most ardent part of reality. 


Rabens SalonerRABENS

When you wear a garment from Rabens Saloner, you stand out. If not because of the design, then because of the luxurious fabrics, often handmade and hand-dyed by small artisans in Asia. Brigitte Raben Orlik - the woman behind it all - strives to find small artisans to help bring her collections to life. At the core of the brand is the important feeling that everything has to come from her heart. Raben Olrik is creating her own aesthetic, her own DNA.

Mes Demoiselles...

Mes Demoiselles...Paris is inspired by what the Earth has to offer us, interpreting it in an original way to create unique pieces. A passion for quality, a need to explore and genuine sincerity. A Mes Demoiselles… woman is subtle, enigmatic, modest, secretive, powerful, authentic, urban, sensitive and mischievous. Ready-to-wear clothes designed and respected as real dresses which refined the beauty of the female body.

Laurence Bras

Your adventure starts with Laurence Bras. Collections partly created in India: beautiful lace dresses, embroidery, light shirts with subtle prints, hand-weaved in cracked poplin. All this is combined, fitting perfectly with clothes made in Italy or made in Portugal. Laurence Bras have created their own fashion ‘alphabet,’ creating the perfect wardrobe with its own elegance and simplicity, which sticks with you day in, day out.

SundressCHICAGO 2

Sundress was founded by Estelle in Juan-les-Pins in 2014. An homage to the authenticity and sweetness of life, their collections are created for barefoot, gold and bohemian Sundress girls. Full of long dresses, shiny fabrics and bold embroideries. Our collections are effortlessly chic, breezy and above all, feminine. Deeply inspired by Mediterranean culture, Sundress embodies femininity and bohemian style.


A signature, a universe, a philosophy. Built on the art of living, Calarena have always drawn their inspiration from Porto-Vecchio in Corsica, basking in the sea whilst refining the feminine silhouette. Swimwear, clothing and accessories are not only fashion but hymns of the calmness and fluidity that marks the Mediterranean way of life.

Antik Batik

ANTIK BATIK is a French brand, founded in 1992 by Gabriella Cortese. From the very beginning, she created authentic fashion, true bohemian chic. Natural materials, a variety of artistic influences, handmade embroideries and prints with the elegance of a “dandy” travelling woman. As she explains herself: “I want to create fashion for the traveller immersed in their past, rediscovering treasures in an old suitcase, clothes which bring back childhood memories or parties from the Roaring Twenties.”

Second FemaleSecondFemale_04_06_2019_3654

Second Female was founded in Copenhagen in the year 2000. Scandinavian style with a chic and modern French touch. This is reflected in their four yearly collections through feminine silhouettes, hand-drawn prints, chunky knits and elegant suits. Underlining the Scandinavian values of effortless luxury and functionality, they create collections that are classic in a contemporary context, always focusing on this season’s “must have” items.

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