Trend: avant-garde brands

Cuts, colours; prints, come and discover these avant-garde creations!

marques_graphiquesAnnette Görtz

Created with her husband Hans-Jörg Welsch, Annette Görtz’s creations are timeless, natural and to the point, and fascinate with their clear and avant-garde cuts. These purist fashion pieces unveil both a discrete and modern femininity.

Elemente Clemente

At Elemente Clemente, creativity is synonymous with nature and responsibility. The German brand designs their collections with a philosophy, alternative to constant change: “Man is part of nature, and he can not escape that.” The pieces are developed in a way to respect the environment, using biological, recycled or natural materials.

Crea Concept

Created 15 years ago, Créa Concept create their products, combining style and individuality with urban culture and modern art. Loose and refined, with minimalist details, their collections evoke freedom, while remaining elegant.


Through her collections, Sabine Bardon reveals the unique princess within every woman. Romanticism, authenticity and poetry perfectly characterise these pieces with a fantastic design. Jayko’s inspiration comes from nature, her pieces made from natural materials embellished with unusual details transport us into a romantic world.


Created by Stephanie Danjou, S.DANJOU offers a range of contemporary, luxury leather goods, handmade in France. Her collection of clothing and accessories for women is inspired by menswear, with an ethical approach, using natural, organic and recycled materials.


Vuedu comes from the French play on words ‘vu et dû’. Their minimalist collections with innovative aesthetics are characterised by their unusual combinations of materials and colours, inspired by architecture and design. Daniela Vinciguerra, the founder and designer, gives women the opportunity to get dressed up but have fun.moodboard