At Who's Next, discover the brands of the Instagram Bubble

The Instagram Bubble opens its doors to creative DNVBs at Who's Next from January 20 to 22, 2024.

At Who's Next, the Instagram Bubble is the creative cocoon for brands born on social networks. From ready-to-wear to jewelry, the space showcases resolutely modern names that influence their communities and shake up fashion codes.

Akho Paris : 

Made between Portugal and Paris, Akho Paris pieces are crafted from fabric deadstocks with the ambition of creating Haute Couture quality garments. For a more reasoned consumption, Akho is committed to circular fashion for its collection.

Sea The Label : 

Launched in 2021 under the leadership of Emilie Albertini, SEA is an ode to summer, vacations, the sea and sun-drenched beaches. The brand's DNA is embodied in a wardrobe of clothes that are both seductive and timeless, designed for all those who cultivate the tender nostalgia of vacations.

Gena : 

Gena, born in 2020, embodies the love of beautiful creations at fair prices by Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin. Durable pieces in 925 thousandths silver, gilded with 18-carat fine gold and adorned with semi-precious stones are the essence of this brand designed to accompany the everyday life of the modern woman.

Almé Paris : 

Founded in 2017 by Emmanuelle Szerer, Almé Paris is a French brand specializing in clothing designed to enhance all body types, from size 36 to size 54. Dressy or casual pieces, with a strong fashion DNA suited to all women.

La Fontana Paris : 

A jewelry brand inspired by the occult, La Fontana creates its pieces with the desire to transmit positive energies. Influencer and model Mara Lafontan created the brand by drawing on her spiritual heritage, values she transmits in her pieces with their stellar, spellbinding designs.

Jordane Lou : 

Sixteen years ago, Jordane Lou was born, a boutique that has accompanied the journey of young girls becoming women, bearing witness to their evolution. After long selecting pieces from other designers, the designer launched her first collection in 2018, a minimalist wardrobe designed to dress, empower and reflect the energy of every woman. Jordane Lou silhouettes are designed to be worn naturally, like a second skin, offering a new sartorial experience.

Ginette Garde : 

Since 1952, Ginette Garde, based in her authentic house in Cherbourg, Normandy, has been bringing her sketches to life and making dresses with floral motifs. It's a story that inspired her granddaughter to continue the project, creating a capsule collection every month, carefully thought out and designed.

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