Meet Federica Borello, founder of Tataborello

In 2001, Federica Borello launched Tataborello, her jewelry label. Present at Premiere Classe from the outset, she is one of the event's pioneering brands.

The Turin-based designer focuses her pieces on innovation with a certain stylistic strength that characterizes her, mixing fine jewelry with crafted gemstones. Handcrafted in Italy in an all-women workshop, the colorful refinement of Tataborello pieces perfectly captures the feminine essence. We spoke to Federica about her relationship with Premiere Classe and her aspirations.

What's the story behind Tataborello? 

We started 23 years ago when I was 22 and had just graduated from fashion school in Florence. My passion was making jewelry, so I started by using family jewels and embroidering over them. Little by little, it became my passion, and after that, I was lucky enough to turn my passion into my job.

What inspires your creations? 

Art Deco, antique and family jewelry. These are objects with memories. My pieces are not seasonal, except for the colors, which change quite often. Sometimes I look to see if the trend is more minimalist or maximalist, but there's always that old-fashioned spirit.

What are the challenges for a jewelry brand? 

A lot changed after COVID. Obviously, there were problems with the stores, but since the takeover, things have been going better. We work a lot with our direct shop, which has had an impact on my exchanges with buyers.

What does Premiere Classe do for you? 

I have to thank Premiere Classe, because it's thanks to this show that I started working abroad, particularly with Japan. I'm happy to see the selection of designers, it's very interesting for buyers. They can see cutting-edge brands, and that's what's special about the show.

What will you be presenting on Premiere Classe in March 2024? 

We've decided to revisit our archives. After 23 years in business, we've used a lot of materials that are no longer available on the market. It's in the spirit of the times to make limited collections.

How do you prepare your show? 

The basic thing is to imagine the stand. We try to put our jewels in their best light, looking at how to place them, on which supports, to attract buyers' attention to the stand. We're enjoying Paris for a few days, getting inspired... We're really looking forward to this trip.

What's your best memory of Premiere Classe? 

I have many memories with my friends who have been exhibiting at Premiere Classe for 15 years. At one of the first shows, there was a buyer who was very young - she must have been 20. She was pretending to be able to buy huge quantities, so we had our doubts about her importance. Finally, she sat down and started placing the order. We couldn't believe it. In the end, she was Anthropologie's buyer and we worked together for years.

Emilie Issart