Paperlab & Co(llab)

As well as a cutting-edge selection of fashion, design or music magazines, this Parisian concept store introduces you to 5 ready-to-wear brands.

Paperlab & Co’(llab) returns in September 2018, but this time it’s not alone! 

COLLABPUB WSN (1)Collab is the joining of music and fashion, and the desire to highlight the fashion identity of young artists. Through fashion, Collab offers artists the possibility of expressing their identity by creating exclusive pieces. The brand will showcase two collections: a permanent collection of six items, and a capsule created in collaboration with Yorina. Collab will be distributed exclusively through Paperlab, where they will present a range of feminine products.

GOOD MORNING KEITHLookbook GOOD MORNING KEITHGood Morning Keith pays tribute to all the men and women who we used to admire who still inspire us today, such as rock icons like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. The brand has a unique style that reflects different eras, and provides high quality clothing at affordable prices. They create ethical, organic clothing and aim to limit their environmental impact during the production process.

AFRICA YOUR TIME IS NOWAfrica Yor Time Is NowStudio Session-0811Launched in 2017 by Papama Mtwisha, the ‘Africa Your Time is Now’ movement wants to highlight the unlimited potential of African populations. The movement offers a range of black and white t-shirts, and proudly affirms the weight and power of African influences around the world. It is a message of hope and support to young African people who can change things and develop their Africa.

STÉPHANIE LAMBERT7Stephanie Lambert is a Martinican designer for tailormade ready-to-wear clothing. She creates unique pieces for men and women who like to be different and wear clothes that reflect their personality, since everyone is unique, like her clothing!

UCHAWI_MG_0086Meaning ‘magic’ in Swahili, Uchawi wants to convey optimism, joy, courage and strength to young people through feminine and masculine clothing, adapted to their personality. Created in 2014, this Congolese brand offers you the perfect clothing, whether you are going to work or relaxing on a terrace.