NellyRodi presents the fashion trends of the year AH 2024/2025 to shop at Who's Next

The NellyRodi agency invites you to explore the autumn/winter 2024-2025 trends present at Who's Next from January 20 to 22, 2024.

The result of a webinar in collaboration with Who's Next and trend bureau NellyRodi, hosted by WSN's Sylvie Pourrat and NellyRodi's Michaël Bonzom, NellyRodi's guide offered a concise perspective on the key inspirations, trend palettes and must-have patterns for the Fall Winter 2024-2025 season to be found among the brands present at the show. Discover now the 4 trends identified by NellyRodi.


Hybridizations between utility and premium materials multiply, and oppositions between men's and women's wardrobes disappear. Merging the best of each universe to reinvent everything: a committed commitment, a meaningful approach that results in products resolutely for all, adaptable to all circumstances. These reinvented essentials are both all-rounders and statuesque, like new uniforms. For if the conditions of their manufacture are crucial, so too are those of their use, requiring that everything be reusable, stackable, assemblable... ad infinitum.

Timeless, essential neutrals in half-tone, inspired by everyday materials magnified by the work of makers and the excellence of the hand. Two delicate pastels and a graphic red add a sensitive, gendered dimension to the "quiet" austerity required.


Guided by the goal of recreating meaning, design seeks to respond to real needs by redefining the basics and inventing a new empathetic, happy functionality, with outdoor influences mixed with the regressive, reassuring codes of children's tales. A vision for a future world, this trend balances the timeless with innovation, the useful with the dreamy, and asserts the demands of eco-design: recycled and recyclable materials, manufacturing with the least possible impact on the environment, reflection on the product's second life through the prism of creative and singular desirability. A community approach and the emergence of a Neverland based on mutual aid, play and resourcefulness.

Once upon a time, vivid, naïve folk dynamics disrupt an authentic, autumnal range of undergrowth. Slightly faded halftone naturals, like an invitation to melt away in a forest or mountain to dream and reinvent our childhood legends.


As young people embrace paranormal beliefs en masse, adopting the prism of the fantastic to cope with reality: the world tilts into a fourth dimension. Cabinets of curiosities, fantastical events, imaginary bestiaries... a theatrical, assertive romanticism inspires our silhouettes. Everyday life calls on surrealist references, the occult and all that goes beyond it, seeing it not as an unknown and terrifying territory, but on the contrary as the source of incredible self-assurance, a soft rebellion that is assumed and differentiating.

Mysterious, crepuscular darks from a world of spells and black magic bewitch our daily lives. Illuminated with flamboyant, extravagant vivid colors, escaping from a strange, venomous flora. A baroque range that dramatizes our rebellious spirit.


Advances in sport-related science and technology are making our uses easier. Materials are endowed with tenfold benefits, and textures aim for featherweight and second-skin qualities, so they can lighten, lift and fly. Rethought in a sensitive, poetic aesthetic, innovation combines connection and care to invent a gentler, lighter world. A world somewhere between the real and the surreal, in which everyone, protected, reassured and cheerful, can pursue their desires with profit and optimism.

Bleached pastels with a dreamy, airy, reassuring softness that softens midwinter and brings lightness and brightness to gray periods. Almost phosphorescent acid colours, like a digital rainbow, energize this celestial atmosphere between reality and metaverse.

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