The French Boutique - September 2017

Located in the heart of the Gallery Store, the boutique française is an important backdrop on which to highlight the French Touch.

The boutique française is where you can discover the world of chic French contemporary style through a carefully selected selection of timeless brands and new designers. This innovative and contemporary space which has been delicately perfumed by the scent designer Maw, is completed with specially-made visuals reflecting energy and the #PositiveCommunity of Who’s Next. The boutique française, which will be presenting a selection of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories as well as offering merchandising and services solutions, has been made to give visitors a new vision of retail. The presented brands such asMon cycliste, Trench & CoatetZapahave manufacturing quality, style, timelessness and innovation in common. This showcase of French brands proves that style “à la française” is synonymous with innovative products mixing materials and new materials with practical cuts.