The young designers of Who’s Next Fame

Young and already essential! You can find thesebrands Hall 2.2, Who's Next Fame, from September 7th to 10th!

5th position

Created in 2014, 5thPosition is a sustainable swimwear brand based in Istanbul and Amsterdam. The name of the brand is inspired by the founder, Buse Uğur’s, dancing background, taking inspiration from the most advanced beginning position of ballet. During the progression of her dance education, Uğur designed and sewed her very own dance suits; later using them as swimwear on the beach. Following the development of a fanbase, 5thPosition was born, as a collection of swimwear inspired by the strong and graceful silhouettes of dancers, in which women can live and move freely.

AuberginNurtured and inspired in Mallorca and mainland Spain, Nevean Holmes and Anna Uimonen are the designers behind the global brand aubergin, launched in 2015. At first it was a womenswear brand, then in 2017, it introduces unisex garments and created mixed collections. As a revolt against disposable fashion, aubergin's brand mission has always been to create non-trend sensitive designs by blending tradition and modernity in every single piece. 

BohodotBehind Bohodot designs is Peque de Fortuny. Her passion made it possible to create this special swimwear collection. Based in Barcelona, de Fortuny is committed to designing a singular product that is unique in both form and essence.

By Romance / Winner of Talents de Mode 2018 contest Both wedding planners, Marion Bernaud and Candice Barbe Perbet created By Romance, an e-concept-store for brides-to-be, with noble intentions. The brand aims to democratise wedding dresses by making them more accessible and making them a part of our everyday wardrobes. Simplicity is key, shaped by a daring rock’n’roll spirit. From ready-to-wear to accessories, from decorations to paper and card, the brand’s guiding principle remains authentic, sincere love. To continue the story, By Romance children’s T-shirts are also available.

Frida QueridaThe sporty soul of Frida Querida Firenze provides for a essential study of clothing, which is also synonymous with femininity and elegance. The bikinis and swimsuits delicately caress and enhance the body, without forcing and constraining, and have clean and simple lines, suitable for every type of woman and every occasion. One swimsuit, multiple lives.

Happy HausHappy Haus is a conscious and 100% ecological brand with an easy going feel.

Julia Van Hagen

JVH LAB is a consulting agency created by fashion expert Julia Van Hagen. With the help of JVH LAB, designers are introduced into new markets and collaborations through Julia’s networks. The agency focuses on connecting the dots between art and fashion, using Julia’s expertise to identify designers’ strategies for development of their brand image. Introduced in 2016, JVH LAB understands that each designer is unique, creating one off events to create a buzz and to respect the brand’s identity.


Lago54In addition to its e-shop and its individual order books, is also an agency serving emerging or established African brands, in order to find them outlets which suit their reality. LAGO54 puts African brands in contact with French buyers and distributors.

LeocaLEOCA Paris has remained sustainable thanks to its expertise in elegant clothing for little girls from 2 to 14 years old. Immaculate cuts, rich materials, ribbons and refined details, the simplicity of the quality of the finishing touches are the details which hold the style.

Not So FarPauline and Magali met each other in Shanghai, where they had both lived for 5 years. It is during this trip 10,000 kilometres from home that they had the idea of creating Not So Far. They had the idea and the ambition to create a brand which would also promote local economies: to make people from each destination work, to share and live through these towns with their collections. They think of and draw according to their travels items which will appeal to the French due to their elegance and above all, their originality brought back from these trips.

Reset PriorityBased in Barcelona and born in 2013, Reset Priority is a beachwear brand creating exclusive contemporary pieces. Their philosophy is summarized in the sentence ¨The pleasure of fine things, on your skin¨ and it is reflected in each piece. Selecting only the best materials in respect of the environment as well as durability, their productions are responsibly made in Spain with an end to end control from concept to production and distribution. 

Rocket x Lunch

Since its creation in 2010, Rocket x Lunch has held 4 collections every year. True to its original name, this brand offers quirky, unconventional designs which surpass common expectations. Rocket x Lunch is popular among young fashion influencers thanks to their on trend designs, reasonable prices, and their versatility, and is becoming increasingly active domestically and internationally, showcasing their colour and style combinations.


Vanderwilde is a Sevillian clothing brand created in 2013 by sisters Angela and Blanca Vanderwilde. Inspired by Andalusia’s traditional style and their own creativity, the sisters have aimed to combine this with more modern and contemporary designs. The brand focuses on elegance, picking quality materials to ensure their items reflect their identity. The Vanderwilde identity is defined by feminine silhouettes and uniqueness, ensuring that every collection has a distinctive personality.

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