Young designers in the making

Young design is fascinating, it inspires us and shakes us up… We need young design to help us move forward and create the trends and must haves of tomorrow.

At a time when collaborations are soaring and evolving in every way, Who’s Next focuses on the most important thing: design. By developing meaningful collaborations, the event gives young designers the opportunity to thrive and become the latest challengers of big names in fashion.

Who’s Next x HEAD

Crossing the Swiss border, Who’s Next stumbled upon Quynh Bui, a young designer with a promising future and the recent winner of the HEAD Master’s Mercedes-Benz prize and La Redoute prize. A true ode to denim, Quynh Bui reinterprets and enhances 19th and 20th century American workwear. Combining new denim and second-hand pieces, Fade designs are built around monochromatic silhouettes with exaggerated details.head

Who’s Next x Maisons de Mode 

48 hours of fashion, 48 hours to honour the very best of Lille’s design. This year, creativity, audacity and know-how are embodied by LUCIE BROCHARD.võ, Daniel Essa and U-exist. In January, they will be at the Porte de Versailles for 96 hours.Inspired by her travels, LUCIE BROCHARD.võoffers a feminine wardrobe, full of character, originality and a sense of escape. Her glorious silk work uses assembling, layering and pleating techniques to create sensual and elegant pieces.Daniel Essa’s refined and minimalist ‘toi et moi’ trainers are cool and futuristic, with a sleek and streamlined design. A silver adornment and signature black and soft pink laces give these customisable, white leather trainers a personal look.Awarded for its innovation, the brand U-exist is a one-of-a-kind campaigning orthopedic design studio. In collaboration with orthopedic professionals and artists, U-exist offers a range of prostheses, customisable according to tastes and needs.maison_mode