The Jean-Luc François collective presents its talents of tomorrow on IMPACT

At Who's Next, IMPACT is at the heart of more positive fashion initiatives.

The Association Jean-Luc François, founded in 2010 in the 93 district of Paris, aims to make fashion professions accessible to all through awareness-raising initiatives and professional training. Founded on the pillars of creativity, solidarity and social impact, the Association Jean-Luc François is emerging as a key player in the fashion world. With a commitment to humanitarian causes, it also offers a platform for creative innovation, supporting emerging talent and organizing inspiring events. Under the visionary leadership of its founder, this association is redefining how fashion can be a positive force, uniting aesthetics and social responsibility in an accessible and impactful way. 

At IMPACT from January 20 to 22, 2024, Jean-Luc François presents 4 brands:

Fleurs & Co

Founded by designers with a passion for fine crafts, Fleur&Co showcases its "handmade" expertise. This know-how is brought to life through the creation of fashion accessories in floral art, art embroidery and beadwork, as well as body and head jewelry. These techniques are also integrated into ready-to-wear and leather goods collections in leather, silk, velvet, vinyl, resin, cotton and organza.


Herbane draws its stylistic identity from the rich heritage of North African clothing and craftsmanship through a collection of jewelry and accessories. Herbane combines tradition with modernity, advocating a local, hand-crafted approach to production.

La Grâce Maison

La Grâce Maison creates clothing models in small series, favoring an eco-responsible approach. Specializing in formal wear, the brand dresses women with its own innovative fabric creations, working closely with African Artisans d'Art. In addition to its textile creations, it enriches its pieces with accessories, flowers and beads.

Eeh Wear

Estelle Ebenga Hénot created the EEH brand after her studies. An entrepreneurial fashion designer fashion, she joined the Jean-Luc François collective in 2018. In her 93 showroom, EEH presents its collections created to inspire future generations, ultra-modern streetwear pieces made in Tunisia and Paris.

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