Winners Who's Next x Citadium contest - January 2017

After having presented their urban fashion collections to the professional trade show buyers within the Urban area of Who's Next in January 2017, the 11 young urban labels continue the adventure by exhibiting their collections in a pop-up store in the Parisian flagship Citadium Caumartin from March 28th to April 12th.

In December 2016, theWho's Next & Citadium jury met to select tomorrow's new talents.

They will then go to the Citadium stores in Bordeaux and Marseille from May 15th to June 4th! Visit them!


Age, Gender, City?24 years old, male, Parisportrait-bandit-catWho are you? I’m Thomas Louzoun, a young artistic director/artist from Marseille. I work at BETC. Describe your brand: Skate or Cat My girlfriend and I launched Bandit Catin 2016, a unisex clothing and accessories brand.What is the origin of the brand’s name?It’s from a passion for raccoons and fat cats.What made you want to create this brand?A nostalgia for the 90s and a passion for skateboarding and the underground culture. Through fashion and streetwear I wanted to express my art in a different format, clothing!What is your biggest dream?To open a shop with an indoor ramp!What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@Laponey, @theshoesmusic, @_zoum_Follow Bandit Cat onFacebookandInstagram!banditcat /016 from Banditcat on Vimeo.


Age, Gender, City?29 years old, female, Parisportrait-christelleWho are you?I amChristelle Noel,  I did a foundation degree in Applied Arts, then I studied fashion design/model making atChardon Savardafterwards I did an internship for 2 seasons at the crafts studioMaison Martin Margiela.I founded my eponymous brand after I graduated in 2015.Describe your brand:Christelle Noelis an eccentric and sparkly brand. It is aimed at people daring to be original thanks to the plain colours of pearl and sequin motifs. The pieces are handmade, meticulously hand embroidered with a sense of humour. What is the origin of the brand? I have always wanted to have creative freedom and to be independent. Today my dream is to see Madonna wear one of my creations. What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@lellopepper, @lauracallaghanillustration, @letasobierajski, @baddiewinkleFollow Christelle Noel onFacebook, InstagramandTwitter!


Age, Gender, City? 31 years old, female, Parisportrait-camille-helmutWho are you?I’m Camille Vernier, ex artistic director of Publicis Conseil and the founder of d’Helmut Paris. I have been creating jewellery for women since 2013.Describe your brand:Helmut Parisenhances plexiglass and rigid angles whilst marrying them together with gold plated brass. From this alliance of the precious and more common was born timeless and elegant jewellery that subtly conjures the 1930s.What is the origin of the brand’s name?Passing a poster for an exhibition by Helmut Newton. It was clear there and then. A very popular but also very elegant first name, I love this big difference.What made you want to create this brand?It started when I struggled to find pieces that I liked in jewellery shops, I started to create pieces for myself. I very quickly saw that my creations were pleasing people; my friends, friends of friends and also strangers.Helmut Paristherefore evolved in 2015 and due to the success I decided to fully devote myself to this development. What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@ElsaMuse, @JohannaOlk, @CarolinedeMaigretFollow Helmut ParisonFacebook, Instagram andTwitter!


Age, Gender, City?24 years old, male, Pariskanoush-3Who are you?I’m Alfred Brunet and I foundedKanoushin 2016, a brand for handmade unisex clothing and accessory customisation.What is the origin of the brand’s name?From the nickname that my mum gave me.What made you want to create this brand?A desire to sell jackets to friends of friends. What is your favourite Instagram account to follow?@brute000Follow Kanoush onInstagram!


Age, Gender, City?29 and 27 years old, female, Parisportrait-la-bobetteWho are you?We are Pauline Guyau and Julia Jais, founders of La Bobette. Pauline studied art at the Sorbonne and then worked in an artists’ agency in Paris after her PVT in Canada. Julia trained in hotel management in Switzerland. She has travelled to many countries during her studies and speaks several languages.Describe your brand:La Bobetteis a brand of girls’ cotton underwear made entirely in France. A concept combining art and fashion: the culotte masterpiece since we invite artists to design a pattern for our collections. Each artist directly receives 12% of the manufacturing price.What is the origin of the brand’s name?La Bobettemeans "knickers" in Quebec. We both have lived in Canada. This is an acknowledgement to our meeting there.What made you want to create this brand?For a long time Pauline made knickers for her friends during the long Montreal winter evenings. Then, when she returned to Paris, she shared this idea with Julia. There, followed a long discussion about cotton underwear. That was howLa Bobettewas born!What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@atelier_bingo, @lebonblebon, @theorobinmeyerFollowLa Bobette onFacebook andInstagram!


Age, Gender, City? 38 years old, female, Parisportrait-la-geometrieWho are you?I’m Paula Murillas. I am specialised in art and graphics and I worked as a visual communication manager for a concert hall in Spain. I then studied jewellery at a studio and then moved to Paris to create my brand in 2015.Describe your brand:La Géométrieis a minimalist jewellery brand inspired by art, design and the jewellery of past civilisations. What made you want to create this brand?It’s a way to demonstrate that it’s not just a hobby but a true passion in which I fully devote myself to. Now, it’s my profession.What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@veinmagazine, @maggieontherocks, @scorpiondaggerFollowLa Géométrie onFacebookandInstagram!


Age, Gender, City?30 years old, male, Parisportrait-mizeWho are you?Jean-Philippe Appel. I have been a glasses designer for around ten years and with my sister-in-law, Coralie, a graphic designer, we joined forces in 2015 to launchMize. Describe your brand:Mizeaims to change the way of purchasing quality sunglasses. The brand offers trendy glasses: colored / patterned, without neglecting the protection (polarized lenses, 100% UV protection). All at an attractive price allowing people to own several pairs and change them according to their outfit, style, desire. A simple promise: change your glasses like a t-shirt.What is the origin of the brand’s name?The nameMizecomes from the end of the word "customize" in English. The idea is to evolve the solar market. Build on best selling models and customise them.What are your projects for 2017? The creation of 3 collections: Color, Paint and Print, which are finalised, with the ability to produce in series. Door-to-door sales in B2B with opticians and concept stores in Paris. The creation of an online shop, which will open in March 2017.What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@hypebeast, @pharell, @emrataFollow Mize onFacebookandInstagram!


Age, Gender, City? 69 years old in total (we each are 23 years old), male, Parisportrait-north-hillWho are you? We’re 3 guys, Michael Friggit, Christophe Van Waetermeulen and Zihad Dubois. All three of us have lived all over the world and have an entrepreneurial flair! Describe your brand:North Hillis a ready-to-wear brand that draws inspiration from the history and urban culture of the Montmartre hill, in the north of Paris. This area focuses around the struggle for freedom, through Art and Revolt. In short, Art (especially Hip Hop culture) and the Revolution are the 2 pillars of our imagery.What is the origin of the brand’s name?North Hillsimply refers to the north hill of Montmartre.What made you want to create this brand?Out of love for music, we launched aFeel Good Collectiveblog for which we made a series of merchandising t-shirts. In 2014, we decided to structure ourselves and define an image that better matchesNorth Hill. At the same time, we develop clothing collections for the music and events industry,Rex Club, We Love GreenIt’s a project within the project; projetception!What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@youthsmhr, @daquan, @martinmougeotFollowNorth HillonFacebook andInstagram!


Age, Gender, City? 22 years old, male, Vauréalportrait-preludeWho are you?I’m Kevin Abdoul. I studied Japanese and graphic design and did internships with young brands such asHarmony. I took courses in design and fashion creation in order to understand clothes and be fully able to devote myself to this project. I also do artistic direction for artists, videos and shoots. Describe your brand:Prelude Studiois a French ready-to-wear brand of minimalist and contemporary design. Elegance and casualness coexist in a purely creative world. The unisex and androgynous aspect drive the collections in order to result in a genderless brand. Which brands inspire you?Jacquemus, Vêtements, Visvim, Off-White, Hood By Air.What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@skt4ng, @avanope, @prelude_studio forcément ! FollowPrelude Studio onInstagram!


Age, Gender, City? 19 years old, male, ParisWho are you?portrait-seasI’m Quentin Alves, I have qualifications in graphic production and I am in my third year of studying visual communication. I have done many collaborations with brands, brought out collections for my shop and have been successfully distributed in shops. I increased my exposure on the internet thanks toTwitterand other social media.Describe your brand:Street, innovative, unusual, unique, simpleWhat is the origin of the brand’s name? From ''SEASONS''which was the title of the sound by 2 guys that I used to follow when I was younger, that I chose as the pseudo of the guy. The guys who I used to hang out with called me “SEAS“ and it stuck.Which brands inspire you?Nike, simply for “JUST DO IT“.What is your biggest dream? To buy a house for my mum, do a collaboration with Nike and have my designs sold internationally (I know I like to dream big) but above all else the first dream is the most important.What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@hypebeast, @felipepantone, @g-eazyFollowSEASonTwitterandInstagram !


Age, Gender, City?24 years old, male, Montmorencyportrait-weyzWho are you? Rémi Trouillet, I studied at art school and have been atextile printersince 2011. I launched Weyz Clothing in 2015, from the desire to put all of my experience into my own brand.Describe your brand: Made in France, streetwear, skatewear What is the origin of the brand’s name? “Weyz“ from a nickname, “clothing“ due to the genre .What are your three favourite Instagram accounts to follow?@weyzclothing, @weyzarmy, @weyzmiFollowWeyz Clothing onInstagram, Twitter andFacebook !