Interview with Caroline Lumbroso, founder of Blush Concept Store

Since 2007, Blush has embodied an eclectic selection of jewellery, ready-to-wear, connected objects, decoration, and design.

The concept was created by Caroline Lumbroso, whose strategy is to reveal her "favourites", with a focus on originality and exclusivity, in 3 shops in Lyon. At Who's Next last January, we met the founder of Blush Concept Store.

What are you looking for at the show?


Firstly, I’m here to get a feel for the current trends and what's going on, and the show is a chance to see where the trends are going. Once these trends are more or less established, we try to put our own spin on them and come up with a proposal that suits us, by searching for new brands. We take a seasonal approach to brands, some of which are only available in summer and others only in winter, which gives our shops a strong seasonal flavour.


What surprised you when you arrived at Who's Next for the first time?


The first time I came to Who's Next was 17 years ago. It's an incredible extravaganza - the set design and the universe were fashion madness. Fashion was clearly at the heart of everything - the trends, the inspirations, the DJs. Basically, Who's Next is a great experience - the incredible thing about it is that it really reflects the vibe of the moment. January is a special time, different from September. It's always very, very interesting and in my 17 years coming here, I've never been disappointed.


What type of product or brand are you looking for?


We're a concept store, so everything is on our radar. We try to make our shops resemble what's on the high street, with anything from organic cosmetics to second-hand items. I think concept stores reflect society, so we try to talk about what's best in society - we were the first to stock period panties in our concept stores. There's no limit to our desires. Now with Tiktok and Instagram, I'm trying to come up with something that looks like what women want, with a touch of ethical shopping. We want to be the opposite of fast fashion, with a slow vibe that's very much part of our dynamic. That's the problem with our trade. I come to the show to discover new things and be surprised.


Have you noticed any changes in the market?


Yes, I find I’m not able to consume like I used to any more. I can't buy things that don't tell a story about how they were produced and manufactured. When products have a story, they are no longer consumable and we are trying to develop this concept of products that are not consumable. We want to be the anti-Amazon, to encourage people to buy better, differently. Style has nothing to do with fashion. I never buy fashion, I always try to buy style.


Do you have any special favourites from the show?


There is still a lot of ground to cover, but I have a feeling we'll get there. I still do. What we most enjoy is meeting our brands and when the vibe suits us, we try to work in the form of collaborations. We're established and well-structured enough to be able to propose collaborations to brands. It's like unearthing treasure; there are very few brands that impress us each season, but that's what makes our meetings so fruitful.