Mehtap Elaidi's interview

The Turkish designer, also president of the Turkish Fashion Designers Association, tells us about her S/S 19 inspirations and trade show experience.

Who’s Next - Fame is delighted to welcome back Mehtap Elaidi!

What were your inspirations for the S/S 19 collection?Our inspiration for S/S 19 was initially from 1001 nights. Apart from belonging to a different era and different geography the story of Sheherazade reminded me that even in today’s modern world every woman needs to be a good storyteller and create their own stories.

It’s true that for me WSN has been a very important trade show where I took my first steps and started my international development ; it has been a great experience for me to get to know the different markets, to understand customers’ needs and I also noticed how important it is to showcase on a regular basis so then buyers are much more confident seeing a brand each season.As far as it concerns WSN itself, I can say that it has developed so much through the years, for sure it has become bigger and bigger but at the same time they have been constantly adapting their offer and services to attract buyers and to offer a great product selection.

Who’s Next, being one of the pioneers of the sector, has been able to attract both sides of the table; exhibitors and retailers. Buyers from different regions is another advantageous aspect of the trade show. In this way, you can reach out to many buyers, especially if you are looking to expand your sales points.

We have been exporting our goods from Turkey for 15 years and some regions have become saturated for us such as the Middle East. Having a global design view we would like to expand our sales points to USA and Europe. Find all the Mehtap Elaidi's creations at stand E70! MehtapMehtap2