From Downtown to the Beach: Spotlight on our RESORT BAG Selection

The light and colourful notes of the summer season bring a new wave of inspiration to accessories. Recent leather goods collections reflect a dynamic of innovation and cultural celebration, with bags becoming their core-protagonists.

Focus on our selection of brands combining tradition, modernity, and strong symbolism. To discover during the next edition of Who’s Next, from the 8th to the 10th of September 2024.


Loomcode draws its inspiration from its historical and cultural roots. Based in Athens, with over 50 years of heritage in textile manufacturing, the house offers unique and feminine designs with antique and mythological accents. Considering the details of their bags with particular attention, Loomcode stands out with an innovative conceptualisation, combining traditional techniques, technologies, and eco-responsible local production.


Camalya designs artisanal pieces with authentic and colourful character. Their handmade French bags champion a sustainable and intellectual vision; Camalya promotes the independence of its partners by advocating traditional artisanal techniques, especially raffia weaving.

The Jacksons London

The Jacksons London upholds an ethical and responsible approach in their designs. Promoting female independence and empowerment, the brand focuses on colourful and summery pieces. Primarily made from fairly sourced jute fabrics from Bangladesh, the brand brings a unique sense to each of its creations by inscribing a message inviting travel and lightness.

Virginie Darling

Virginie Darling mostly values boldness and versatility in its designs. Based in Marrakech, the brand offers ultra-feminine and sunny pieces whose delicacy is reflected in the purity of their lines. These bags with colourful accents project an ethnic-chic aesthetic, inspiring self-confidence and connectivity.


Maradji transports us to the confluence of Eastern and Western worlds through a subtle manipulation of materials and universes. Each of their accessories tells its own story, in the nobility of the materials, with precious ornaments. Their elegant creations revolve around a sustainable and transparent conceptualisation.

Simo Sastre

Simo Sastre stands out for its whimsical creative approach exploring the subtle balance between appearances and realities. The house’s bags are mainly made in Spain using traditional and sustainable palm and raffia weaving techniques. These pieces reveal a functional and practical form with minimalist, light, and elegant notes.


Tsantilis develops unique leather goods pieces with a modern, expressive, and symbolic imprint. Inspired by Greek culture and mythological heritage, the house locally designs versatile bags with romantic and poetic accents.

Yann Jobard