Freaks Academy: Who's Next calls on students from top fashion schools

From January 20 to 22 on Who's Next, Freaks do their show.

With the theme "Freaks From Designers", Who's Next puts winter 24/25 trends in the spotlight. Who's Next invited students from LISAA and ESMOD to reveal their inner Freaks through a creative project. The two schools, which aim to train tomorrow's fashion professionals, have launched the "Freaks Academy" with the creation of silhouettes inspired by the show's theme. Of these, 30 will be brought to life in the form of an exhibition to be seen at the show.

On the program:

A performance of 7 "creature" silhouettes created by ESMOD students
When: Saturday and Sunday
Schedule: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

You'll also find 8 other ESMOD looks in the FAME bar area and 8 LISAA looks in the party zone.

Tess Michaud - Jade Jacquin - Alina Marcocchio - Paulin Vincent - Sofia Sanfeliciano - Yuexuan Wang - Yie Chen Huang - Yulun Wu - Camille Juge - Léonie Sauvan - Hiyori Kumita - Anouck Baumgartner - Edgar Touma -  Duanzhu Xu - Valentine Cognet

"ESMOD is delighted to be taking part in this edition of Who's Next, exhibiting the creations of our fashion design talents. Over the last few years, we have often collaborated with this show, with which we share important values: Creative diversity and accessibility, international openness and local know-how. The evolution of our creative industries, in terms of innovation and CSR"
Véronique Beaumont, Managing Director / COO

Loïs Cousin - Charleen Billot - Laura Domingues - Lucie Danset - Tioukel Ndiaye - Sami Benazzouz - Clara Souchet - Ambre Lescoublet - Léo Lémée - Rebecca Vasseur - Lucie Benhamou - Lison Gehin - Salma Boukamoum - Anae Perrard -  Loïs Paillet

"Lisaa Mode Paris is dedicated to training tomorrow's fashion professionals who are digital, responsible and always desirable. Embarking on this adventure with Who's Next to evoke the fashion of the future is both natural and very exciting!"
Thomas BUCAILLE, Director of LISAA MODE Paris

About the schools : 


Founded in Paris in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, ESMOD has been the leading fashion school dedicated to Fashion Design and Fashion Business since 1989. ESMOD International has 19 schools in 12 countries, and is a benchmark in the transmission of traditional know-how and creative and management techniques, integrating innovation and CSR. In 2022, the school will inaugurate in Paris the first class dedicated to digital fashion design, Metawear, training future Digital Fashion Designers and Creative Technical Designers specialized in Metavers and NFT. ESMOD International, a blend of art, culture and heritage, presents exhibitions and parades featuring 30 creative and innovative looks, embodying its commitment to accompanying and exalting personalities.

Lisaa Mode

Today, Lisaa Mode Paris is positioned as the benchmark fashion school in France, training industry professionals. Future-oriented, the school integrates cutting-edge tools such as 3D design and generative artificial intelligence into its curriculum, underlining its commitment to the digitalization of fashion. Particularly attentive to environmental ethics, Lisaa Mode Paris prepares its students to play an active role in the creation of sustainable and responsible fashion. The school also stands out for its welcoming atmosphere, conducive to learning, whatever the level of study (Bachelor's or Master's) and specialization, from design to marketing. Since 1986, these convictions have forged the confidence of Lisaa Mode Paris in the promising future of fashion and its students.

Emilie Issart

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