Drogheria Crivellini brings Friulian back into fashion

Known as Furlane or Friulane in the plural, after the Second World War, this traditional shoe with its roots in 19th century Italy is at the heart of the Italian label's expertise. We met its founder Roberto Crivellini at Premiere Classe.

Drogheria Crivellini was originally the name of the family grocery shop run by Roberto Crivellini's grandparents in Udine, in the Italian region of Friuli, which sold everything including Furlane shoes.

After the Second World War, life started to pick up everywhere and my family opened this place with its mixture of articles and aromas," confides Roberto Crivellini. Of course, there were the famous shoes, which were used both indoors and outdoors and were handmade using all kinds of recycled fabric for the structure and recycled bicycle tyres for the soles. 

This product, which is not only traditional but also belongs to the country and the people, as Roberto reminds us, made sense to him and it was only natural that he should want to promote Furlane or Friulane, and introduce them to the world. In 2013, he founded Drogheria Crivellini, in homage to his family, and entered the world of fashion and accessories, which he knew nothing about. I worked in home textiles for 25 years and I came to Premiere Classe in 2017 when I discovered how fashion worked," Roberto laughs. I've learnt everything here over the years. All the most important customers come to Premiere Classe. Fashion is in Paris."

But there's no question of him doing anything that doesn't suit him. The idea is to offer shoes that are timeless and, above all, traditional. In fact, still made by various craftsmen from Friuli, whose tradition he has helped to revive, the models are designed at the rate of 2 collections a year.

And in terms of design, his background in furnishings is an asset, as he has learnt to track down the finest and newest materials. Available as slippers or ballet shoes, baby shoes or tabis, the models are adorned in velvet, lamé or leopard fabric, metallic, mesh this summer or even moiré-effect silk... "The advantage of Furlane shoes is that they are light and comfortable, ultra-practical for everyday wear," he explains. You can always find a pair to match your outfit.

Roberto also enjoys mixing the Furlane with other cultures, such as Japan, with the Fu-Geta and Fu-Tabi models. "Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) is the company's number one market," he points out. In total, the brand has 150 sales outlets worldwide.

Céline Vautard

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