Paris de Janeiro collective

With more than 20 years of Franco-Brazilian experience and expertise in the fashion, design and events industries, Paris de Janeiro supports brands and creative projects between France and Brazil.

The agency brings together pop-up shop specialists, and maintains partnerships with spaces, to offer brands creative solutions for a custom pop-up shop.

Discover their exclusive collection of eco-friendly Brazilian bikini and beach accessories brands at Hall 4!

Chloé Top CharcoalZîah

Ziah is an Australian swimwear brand for the sun and sand, with multicultural designs and sophisticated simplicity. The brand perfectly reflects its Brazilian designer, Erika Toscano, a lover of arts and culture who explores her femininity and takes inspiration from current social movements. Ziah creates timeless and versatile pieces that demonstrate the elegance and strength of women.

tiras_04 (1)Flats Exclusivas

Flats Exclusivas is a minimalist brand of basic, timeless shoes, handcrafted in small quantities, by artists who sign each pair of their shoes. The products are made to last, to inspire and to mix trends. They are a work of art.

Le Bain de Mer (1)Le Bain de Mer

Le Bain de Mer is a Caribbean beachwear brand that aims to share human values and an ecological philosophy through beautiful and sophisticated garments. The brand produces their items in Brazil, according to principles of sustainability. Le Bain de Mer uses eco-friendly materials, and emphasises the preservation of our ecosystems and beaches. The brand wants to encourage their customers to reconnect with nature.


Manou is the nickname of French photographer and globe trotter Emmanuelle Bernard, who grew up in Ipanema. Emmanuelle created the Manou brand by projecting her photos onto light silk fabrics, which can be worn as a pareo (a wraparound skirt). She finds inspiration from Ipanema, and wants her pareo skirts to resemble seafronts and beaches.

bychristybarley- MarjuMarju

Marju is a brand created in 2016 by two sisters, Cecilia and Mariana, with a love for fashion and the beach. The designers create Brazilian-inspired beachwear collections that are sophisticated, timeless and comfortable. Their products are dyed by Brazilian artisans, and they use biodegradable materials, as well as high-technology lycra with CO2 control and UV protection.


Sri is a clothing brand with its own language. The name comes from the three main aspects of human dimension, ‘symbolic, real and imaginary’. The brand seeks to interpret different cultures, while maintaining its Brazilian influence. Sri creates glittery bikinis and fluorescent accessories, to invent an urban and futuristic beachwear fashion.