Shoes Brands to Discover at Who's Next

Nowadays, shoes are no longer merely a practical accessory. Footwear has evolved to become the centre piece of any outfit, with an ever-expanding range of styles to match any taste or occasion.

Who’s Next l IMPACT l Traffic are joining Première Classe from the 2nd to 4th October 2020 at Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, where

you will be able to to discovera variety of unmissable shoe collections. NEWLABNEWLAB embodies a minimalist style characterised by Italian raw materials, original colors and a removable insole for maximum comfort. NEWLAB creates lively, dynamic and uniquetrainersthat combinecreativity and sophistication, with each model marked by a hand-sewn cross to express the founders' love for travel.1BRONXBRONX aims to encourage happiness and confidence through their designs. The brand freely uses its own heritage archives and reinterpret catwalkinnovation to produce their shoes. They use edgy ornamentatin combined with rich materials to add a uniquesense of toughness and feistiness to their creations. Anyone that wears BRONX is bound to stand out from the crowd.2SNEAKCARESNEAKCARE have used innovative technology to create a product that prolongs the life of any pair of shoes. With a quick spray of SNEAKCARE, your shoes will become resistant to the attacks of liquids, stains and mud. The producthas the ability to make a variety of materials waterproof, including leather and mesh fabrics.MASCARETA ‘mascaret’ is a tidal wave that occurs during hide tide season in summer, often attracting surfers from all over to celebrate the phenomenon. From this concept, the brand Mascaret was born. Representing the surfing community, shared values and love for the great outdoors, Mascaret’s key objective is to create vintage-inspired trainers suitable for everyday wear.BLUNDSTONESince its establishment in 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania, Blundstone has evolved to become one of the most recognisable boot brands in the world. Proud of their roots, Blundstone’s designs are inspired by the history, heritage and people of Tasmania with emphasis on the uniqueness, versatility and sustainability of their products.3CACATOÈSThe story of Cacatoès came to life in 2015 under the leadership of its creator Jordane Assouline, who has always been driven bya constant need to create and reinvent herself. The brands’ sandals, entirely made in Brazil, adopt an urban stylepaired with vibrant colors and a sweet smell.4 copieWITH MY SANDSWith My Sands’ sandals are elegant, simple and above all very comfortable. Thanks to their refined details and their variety of leathers, colors and styles, they perfectly complement any style and are suitable for wear in the day or night time. With My Sands’ collections are inspired by their founder’s passion for travel and seasonal trends.0-105Founded in 2012in Marseille, the prestigious 0-105 label offers chic and surprising collections. Inspired by urban culture, each pair of shoes is produced with the most beautiful leathers of Italian origin, selected from prestigious tanners in Tuscany, Veneto. With differing collections available, 0-105 offers a young and classic approach in their DNA line and a more avant-garde style in their White Box line.5LOFINALofina specialise in beautiful handmade shoes, boots, pumps and sandals which are produced in Italy and designed in Denmark. All of the brands creations offer uncompromising quality. Lofina’s philosophy is based on providing comfort to those who wear their shoes.6NOMADIC STATE OF MINDChris Anderson was ahead of his time when he founded sandal brand Nomadic State of Mind 22 years ago. He had a vision of the world andwanted to actively participate in the ecology of our planet by cleaning up our streets, our seas and our rivers. He then decided to recover the polypropylene he found, transforming it into rope and creating the famous “Nomadic State of Mind” sandals.7COPENHAGEN STUDIOCopenhagen was started in 2017 by the Liebeskind founders. All the brand’s products are manufactured by family-owned factories in Italy and Portugal using smooth leathers, muted tones and functional details.8BIJOU DE PIEDBijou de Pied was founded twenty years ago when Maryse, having gained a wealth of experience in handcrafting goods, decided to transform the sandal into a piece of jewellery. Bijou de Pied is above all a story of passion and patience but equally of founder with boundless imagination.9BOSABOFor more than 125 years, being able to maintain the use of French savoir-faire; the close attention paid to the quality and choice of materials used, as well as respect for the environment have built BOSABO’s international reputation and ensured the satisfaction of their customers.MI/MAIIn 2009, Céline Thomas founded her own collection of women’s shoes under the sunny name of MI-MAI (mid-Mayin French). The shoes are sexy and elegant but remain comfortable and full of personality: ideal versatile pieces to have in any wardrobe.10MINORQUINESMinorquines allow summer to fall at your feet. Originally, peasants from the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands invented the avarca: a comfortable, light and robust sandal. The foot can breathe, the sole is waterproof and the shoe is resistant to high temperatures. The brand Minorquines has been able to develop this Spanish sandal while remaining faithful to traditional expertise as well as to the family workshop that produces it.11