Borsalino at Who's Next

For the September 2019 edition of Who’s Next, Borsalino are back to present their Spring-Summer 2020 collection, which was born from many different inspirations.

The hat: a cultural symbol, a “talking-point,” a mark of belonging and a synthesis of style. Giacomo Santucci, the “Creative Curator” of the historic brand of hats, founded in Piémont in 1857, built a global empire of symbols. It started with poetic swirls of iron from the Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton for the world exhibition in London in 1851; they appeared for the first time on scarves, and then on several kinds of headwear: models, materials, for both men and women. Some are real masterpieces with metal tiaras decorating the headbands or even detachable hair-pins and patches. Those in the shape of a feather are evocative of the Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo Century Guild of Artists, the thistle representing British nobility is exceeded only by The Order of the Garter, whilst the tulip brings together an aesthetic community. We must not forget the classics: the Fez, the Fedora, the Bogart or the Panama, come and discover them for yourself from 6th to 8th of September at Stand V99 in Hall 1. All in all, the world starts in our heads, and then goes to our hats.