Cultural treasures: our international selection of brands celebrates their origins

Each season, our creators dive into their origins and reveal creative treasures celebrating the cultures of the world and their history. This exceptional selection invites you to explore a plethora of creative houses that captivate with unique stories, ethnic and folkloric designs.

Embark on an enriching journey through cultural influences, exotic prints, and vibrant colours that shape tomorrow's trends across the seven continents. To be discovered during Who's Next upcoming edition, from the 8th to the 10th of September.

SOYANG Paris - Bijorhca

SOYANG Paris creates delicate jewellery inspired by Asian artisanal traditions. Their aesthetic signature notably features buffalo horn, which the house enhances in a versatile and colourful style. Their unique handcrafted pieces play with opposites and blend with the singular history of each person. Timeless, contemporary, urban, or exotic, each SOYANG piece is an ode to rarity and natural beauty.

ME 369 - Fame

ME 369 embodies the lightness of summer life through daring prints and vibrant colours. Celebrating individual expression, this Tel-Aviv-based house has become a symbol of eclectic and joyful style. Its varied ready-to-wear collections stand out with dynamic patterns and dresses with volatile, modern cuts. ME 369 shines for bold and adventurous personalities.

TIBATIKA - Villa Beauté

TIBATIKA is a French lifestyle and candle-making house. The brand honours cultural diversities through creations inspired by ethnic arts and the codes of oriental and African wellness culture. Its vegan scented candles, with exotic and natural fragrances, are an ode to personal fulfilment and sustainable lifestyles. TIBATIKA thus creates refined, serene atmospheres for each of your spaces.

PITAYA - Curve Paris

PITAYA celebrates the diversity of feminine curves while featuring modern and elegant  swimwear lines. Born in Ukraine, the house reflects a vibrant urban aesthetic while incorporating patterns and cultural inspirations from the beach cultures of the world. Each piece is designed to offer optimal comfort and boundless confidence.

WILD - Private

WILD draws inspiration from nomadic cultures, transporting you to a world of exoticism and freedom. Originating from France, this ready-to-wear brand, initially specialised in accessories, carried on with Hipanema’s creative direction, skilfully merging traditional craftsmanship and Brazilian influences with the modernity of Western designs. Its fluid creations with original prints and accessories adorned with ethnic patterns reflect a peaceful yet chic allure for free-spirited dreamers.


LOVE IS PROJECT is an American jewellery house celebrating the many expressions of Love through vibrant and meaningful handcrafted jewellery. The brand regularly collaborates with artisans worldwide to incorporate diverse cultural influences into its creations. Their designs carry messages of hope and solidarity and are imbued with a strong sense of community. LOVE IS PROJECT uses colourful beads, traditional braiding techniques, and organic materials to create singular pieces that celebrate cultural uniqueness.

DOUM - Who's Next

DOUM is a high-end leather goods house from Morocco. The brand offers beautifully woven basket bags, honouring local artisanal traditions of raffia and palm weaving. Their complex and oriental patterns bring a unique detail to the functional beauty of their creations. Their conceptual and modern aesthetic pays homage to oriental influences and invites you to discover Morocco's creative richness through innovative shapes and romantic hues.

GOTTEX - Curve Paris

The swimwear house GOTTEX, born in Tel-Aviv, is renowned for its sophisticated yet timeless swimwear pieces. Inspired by Mediterranean arts, the house combines beach glamour with a unique approach. Gottex focuses on holistic design and develops its own palettes and materials for these creations. Their collections celebrate individualities and enhance your summer escapes.

PANAFRICA - Who's Next

PANAFRICA draws inspiration from Africa's cultural wealth to create singular, ethnic, and colourful sneakers. The brand celebrates the wild world and exceptional landscapes hidden within the continent while honouring the welcoming and expressive spirit of the local populations encountered by its creators. This sustainable and virtuous project conveys a message of joy and fulfilment. Their creations are sketched through Africa's varied traditional craftsmanship and promise an expressive and contemporary cultural aesthetic.

Yann Jobard