The Brillant Space at Bijorhca: a prestigious setting for exceptional jewellery

BIJORHCA returns in September, promising a fresh wave of inspiration for the jewellery industry. This season is defined by new creative dynamics in jewellery design. In similar spirits, our exhibition will feature the third edition of its dedicated space for showcasing exclusive jewellery pieces: BRILLIANT.

Located at the heart of BIJORHCA, it allows jewellery houses to present their creations in showcases, offering a unique display platform answering their needs. A prestigious setting for exceptional jewellery. The BRILLIANT space selection will be available to view from 8th to 10th September during the next edition of BIJORHCA, alongside Who’s Next. 


Chiara Costacurta is an Italian jewellery house whose major inspiration isdrawn from Nature, its symbols and hidden meanings. The brand stands out with a conceptual aesthetic and modern forms, symbolically reproducing the movement of natural elements, evoking the mysticism of certain rare natural phenomena (such as shooting stars). The use of the Venetian chain is the distinctive signature of Chiara Costacurta's creations. Declined in multiple variations, the light show from their golden reflections adds a touch of colourful elegance to these unique jewels. Chiara Costacurta house designs for dreamers and adventurers, in an eclectic and poetic style.


Kanako Jewel inspires hope, dream, and light through its creations. The Japanese jewellery house distinguishes itself with a unique creative philosophy. Each piece is conceived as an invitation to journey and  simplicity. KANAKO offers those who wear its jewellery the right to hope, to imagine, to be exalted. Their designs initiate with the natural beauty of their stones, which they enhance through timeless, durable, and comfortable shapes. Radiant and inspiring creations calling for creative and spiritual freedom.


Gemme Joaillerie draws inspiration from the constant aesthetic evolution of exceptional metals and precious stones used in its pieces. This French house radiates femininity through timeless and conceptual creations. By experimenting with the forms and unique history of each stone, GEMME is characterised by its eclectic and bold style. Each collection is an exploration of the multiple facets of Love, brought to life through the alchemy of the body and the object. An invitation to celebrate the singularity and natural elegance of each individual. 


Politains was born from a passion for exceptional craftsmanship and technical innovation in jewellery. From Zurich to Paris, Politains accompanies its clients in the creation of bespoke jewellery. Unique pieces combining traditional design and contemporary forms to reveal each person’s individualities and light. The brand takes pride in designing its pieces sustainably and transparently with ethically sourced materials. With a minimalist and elegant aesthetic, Politains creations transcend singular personalities. 


STUDIO C draws inspiration from precision mechanics and traditional craftsmanship through its sculptural and conceptual forms. Unconventional and bold, their creations combine industrial materials such as aluminium and exceptional stones in an innovative and sharp aesthetic. Studio C redefines the perception of beauty and preciousness through an eclectic and contemporary creative dialogue. 

Yann Jobard