Jewellery Brands to Discover at Who's Next

Precious pendants, elegant earrings or pure pearl necklaces: pieces of jewellery aredefining accessories which allow their wearerto reinvent themselvesevery day.

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,where you will be able todiscovera variety ofjewellery collections: GUIOT DE BOURGGuiot de Bourg was founded in 1905 by a specialist goldsmith. Sixty years later, in 1965, his daughter began specialising in the creation of silver jewellery. It was in 2004, after having worked for more than 30 years in sales for Guiot de Bourg, that Chantal Mathieu purchased the firm. All of Guiot de Bourg’s jewellery is made in France; an expertise which is evident in all of the brand’s creations.1APRIL PLEASEApril Please is a French brand that manufactures its jewelleryintheir workshop in Paris. The brands creaters, Julia Maufay et Emilie Dupas, founded the brand when they were unable to find the styles of jewellery that they longed for in the shops. April Please reinvents the way in which jewellery is worn by offering pieces with strong character. Gold-plated rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are available in April Please's collection of minimalist, timeless and unique jewellery.2GISEL BAfter completing a degree in Political Science; giving IT classes at university and setting up multiple social projects,Clémence Masson decided to change hercareer path and start her own brand and business, GISEL B. The brand’s aim is to offer high-quality jewellery (made from pearls and opals) that is sustainable, chic, responsible and timeless.3BDM STUDIOLike the jewellery that inspires them, BDM Studio designers like nothing more than to go back to the drawing board and shaking things up, whilst remaining ever-mindful of the craft’s time-honoured expertise. BDM Studio’s finely gilded jewellery, embellished with rhinestones and semiprecious gems, has forged a timeless style that isa clear reflection of the creativity of ayouthfullabelfuelled by fierce passion, hope and imagination.4BELLE MAIS PAS QUEBelle Mais Pas Que is above all about designers wanting to relieve women of constraints they may feel. The brand uses artisanal weaving techniques to creates pieces intended to fit you like a glove. Belle Mais Pas Que’s goal is to offer a range of jewellery in different colours and jewels that any woman can cherish for a lifetime.5MIO LANZAMio Lanza is more than just jewellery: it is attitude, creativity and craftsmanship. It's inspiration comes fromall over, creating original and fascinating jewels. According to Mio Lanza’s mantra, the soul of a piece is never fully shaped until you choose to wear it and fill it with your distinctive personality. It is not possible to talk about Mio Lanza as a brand without talking about Mariona Lanza, it’s founder, since every single piececontains a little of her: a spark of her curious attitude or an exotic landscape that fascinated her whilst travelling.6LOVELY DAYLovely Day believe that when we wear a piece of jewellery, we are transported to another place. The brands’ collections encompass a range of styles including pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets; so you will always be able to find a piece to match your mood. Adorned with precious metals and stones, Lovely Day’s designs are bound to evoke an emotion. All of the brand’s pieces are 100% made in France.CANYONCANYON was founded in 1982 by Jiathé et James Chevreuil, one keen on the study of precious stones and the other a fashion fanatic, who were inspired by their shared love of travelling. The majority of CANYON’s luxury pieces are fashioned from silver, often using rounded shapes and lines; a clear reflection of the founders’ creativity. CANYON’s jewellery aims to highlight female elegance and femininity.7EMPREINTE NOMADEHaving gained 20 years’ experience in the luxury sector, Virginie Danile decided to launch her own jewellery brand, Empreinte Nomade, in 2016 with the help of product designer, Eric. Many of the brand’s designs are Art Deco-inspired and hand-made in France, with the exception of their Lapon bracelets that are crafted in Lapland. Empreinte Nomade uses only the highest quality leathers to make their jewellery.8