Zesty jewels - bright & playful, these colours make you shine

Zesty tones dominate the summer jewellery palette. Pendants and anklets in vibrant oranges, stones in sunny and verdant hues – Our designer confirm the trend and promise a season of fun and lightness. These playful creations invite you to travel and adventure through bold shapes and whimsical ornaments.

Let yourself be transported to the sweetness of a summer where jewellery becomes the centrepiece, enhancing your most beautiful summer memories. Discover this selection at the next edition of Who’s Next, from the 8th to the 10th of September. 


Bangle-Up is a Parisian house that cultivates the harmony of contrasts and opposites. Both discreet and bold, their unique rings and other creations explore summer shapes and colours through a contemporary and timeless aesthetic. Their jewellery combines the whimsy of their motifs and prints with minimalist and refined lines.

Lulu Copenhagen

Lulu Copenhagen catalyse the Scandinavian style through contemporary and minimalist jewellery with colourful and electric accents. Their sustainable and conceptual approach brings unique creations to life, particularly their signature earrings, which inspire the simplicity of a Danish summer with their innovative and modular shapes.


An-née explores our relationship with Time through an authentic and unique artistic approach. The brand celebrates the imperfections and asymmetries of their boho-chic and maximalist jewellery pieces. Specialising in silk work, their creations combine silk pieces with metallic works. These elegant and modern jewels are sustainably made in France. Through a harmonious palette, elegant lines, and modular construction, An-née transcends your most precious summer memories. 

My Jewellery

Based in the Netherlands, My Jewellery brings a spark of love and passion to your everyday life. Their jewellery stands out with playful shapes in festive and exotic hues, projecting you to into a sunny day of lightness and playfulness. With their optimistic and positive spirit, the brand draws inspiration from simple moments to turn them into unforgettable experiences. 


Hipanema was born from an encounter on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The French-origin brand is notably known for its iconic cuff bracelet, inspired by Bahia ribbons, bringing luck and happiness to its wearer. Their innovative boho-chic style is characterised by weavings in exotic tones, as well as the incorporation of semi-precious stones and colourful beads. Hipanema's fantasy jewellery pays tribute to their roots and invites you for a summer escape to Brazil. 

Vanessa Baroni

Vanessa Baroni is a German brand infused with multicultural influences. Her creative philosophy emphasises the expression of our singularities through conceptual and contemporary jewellery. Inspired by her travels, the designer combines bold architectural shapes, symbolic colours, and unconventional materials. These creations with their glamorous and sophisticated 80s aesthetic call for celebrating individuality and creative freedom.

Yann Jobard

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