The IAMA Pavillon - Jewellery's backstages

Each new edition of BIJORHCA stands as an opportunity for BOCI to showcase the collaborators of the IAMA group (Industries Appliquées aux Métiers d’Art), which brings together the subcontractors of the jewellery industry. It is a unique chance to discover the new dynamics and innovations driving the work of founders, stampers, findings vendors, and other unsung heroes of the jewellery world.

The IAMA Pavilion, with its plethora of expertise, passion, and exceptional craftsmanship, will be featured at BIJORHCA alongside WHO’S NEXT from 8th to 10th September.


ARTMETAL FRAMEX, with its extensive range of findings and stamped pieces, will be returning for this edition. A true monument to French craftsmanship since 1840, this EPV-labelled company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) specialises in working with copper and other precious metals using traditional French artistic techniques. ARTMETAL collaborates with the creative industries in the development of jewellery and ready-to-wear accessories (such as brass buttons).


G-SILVER will also be presenting at the IAMA Pavilion. Since 2009, this organisation has been manufacturing a wide selection of jewellery and 925/1000 silver findings between France and Italy. This ever-evolving company is particularly notable for its innovative distribution through its interactive e-commerce platforms. From assembly to polishing, G-SILVER offers bespoke services and products to a discerning international clientele.


LAVAL will return in September to unveil its latest innovations. Their specialities range from product presentation and displays (cases, displays) to technical tools, as well as findings and manufactured pieces. For over a century, the organisation has brought together a broad spectrum of expertise and skills, developing a comprehensive range of products and services for all actors in the watch-making and jewellery industries.


The MICRONOR Workshops specialise in gilding and precious metal finishes for the luxury creative industries. Their expertise also extends to the Art of Writing, musical instruments, leather goods, and decoration. From gold to palladium, MICRONOR’s skills are showcased through their diverse metal deposition and finishing services, synonymous with exceptional quality for over 50 years. The company will be represented alongside other professionals at the IAMA Pavilion.

Yann Jobard