Our Summer Wardrobe’s Main Character – Trends to Discover at Curve Paris x Who’s Next

Swimwear has emerged as the protagonist of our summer wardrobe. Designers are turning back to Nature and their roots, using a palette of natural colours, organic patterns, and prints. The recent collections' cultural and symbolic storytelling highlights a growing need for escapism and travel in the swimwear industry.

Let's focus on our selection of swimwear brands to be featured at the upcoming Curve Paris x Who’s Next event from the 8th to the 10th of September 2024.

La Nouvelle - Fame

La Nouvelle is a French brand featuring  retro-chic and timeless aesthetics. As a pioneer of the "Slow-bra" initiative, promoting comfort and inclusivity in lingerie, La Nouvelle breaks free from societal norms to redefine the creative boundaries of swimwear. Inspired by the world of cinema and female icons of the 70s, their floral and refined creations are designed sustainably, favouring local partnerships. The brand caters to spontaneous women who proudly celebrate their diversity through their wardrobe.

Lenny Niemeyer - Fame

Lenny Niemeyer draws inspiration from Brazilian nature to create colourful, glamorous, and elegant swimwear. Her unique aesthetic signature reveals the natural beauty of the body, addressing diverse body types. Lenny Niemeyer designs for an independent, international clientele looking for unique creations that combine inclusivity and ecological considerations.

Calarena - Fame

Calarena stands out with a conceptual and versatile creative approach. Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and Corsican culture, their designs are recognizable by their graphical shapes and warm tones. Their modular, second-skin swimwear pieces combine comfort and elegance, accompanying you from dawn to dusk.

Angelys Balek - Exposed

Angelys Balek is a Thai lingerie brand with a traveller and nomadic spirit. Their creations, aimed at bold and dynamic women, are distinguished by unique symbolic storytelling. Each colour and print evokes a singular feeling, a cultural symbol unique to the country's traditions. Angelys Balek draws inspiration from artistic and architectural movements to design their swimwear while supporting sustainable and local production.

Tatiane de Freitas - Exposed

Tatiane de Freitas merges French elegance with inventive Brazilian culture to create timeless and radiant swimwear pieces. Her conceptual design approach focuses on using innovative and futuristic materials to highlight the confident beauty of the female curve. Embracing an eternal summer philosophy, her creations appeal to inventive and travelling spirits.

Delightpool - Exposed

Delightpool offers a selection of refined swimwear pieces with a dreamy and wild character. Catering to the entire family, the brand focuses on the quality and comfort of its creations, integrating retro aesthetics to provide a unique and timeless experience. Each piece is carefully designed to blend style and functionality, transforming moments of relaxation into true dreamy escapes infused with entertainment and lightness.

Fresh&Salt - Curve Paris

A French swimwear brand with a Californian spirit, Fresh&Salt reinterprets swimwear as a standalone garment by offering bold and original designs. Their sensual and sophisticated swimwear pieces highlight female individuality through high-cut and asymmetrical styles. Fresh&Salt asserts its creative vision with a unique visual identity, combining textured materials, exclusive colours and patterns, and attention to aesthetic detail, the brand's French touch.

Carioca Porto-Vecchio - Curve Paris

Carioca Porto-Vecchio invites you to dream and escapism. Inspired by the landscapes of the "Island of Beauty", the brand celebrates its cultural roots through singular poetic creations, infused with an organic and natural palette. Carioca translates the Mediterranean and wild spirit of these creations through fluid and elegant lines.

Club Orangée - Curve Paris

Club Orangée enhances the female body with inclusive creations tailored to all body types, embodying a sunny and timeless spirit. Their vibrant swimwear accentuates unique shapes, combining elegance and comfort. Committed to eco-responsible production in France, the brand uses high-quality materials. Their poetic designs offer a "perpetual Mediterranean moment of Summer" to every woman.

Yann Jobard

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