The IMPACT x NEONYT PARIS Forum: committed scenography for positive fashion

The Impact x NEONYT PARIS forum is set to make its mark on Who's Next, from January 20 to 22, with its scenography designed by Emilie Gravier and Fanny Ménoret.

Presenting a selection of 150 sustainable and desirable creations from the Who's Next show, this forum highlights the initiatives of committed designers who make fashion cool and desirable.

Act now for positive fashion

The team favors an eco-friendly approach, eschewing ephemeral bespoke furniture in favor of lightweight assembly based mainly on recycled materials with patchwork-inspired assemblies of upcycled textiles.

Among the collaborators challenged by the Impact zone on the furniture side is Kalager Design, a Danish brand offering graphic, airy furniture, designed in Denmark and produced to order. The Good Plastic Company stands out for its eco-friendly panels made from recycled plastic. Drapop, with its concept combining art installation and scenography, promises an eco-responsible approach by reusing old textiles and favoring upcycling and recycling for the racks that will be present on the forum.

IMPACT x NEONYT Paris promises an immersive experience combining aesthetics, innovation and commitment to positive, eco-responsible fashion.

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